Is land in Kunigal suitable for floriculture as compared to Chennapatna

Hello elders,

Please advice if land in general in Kunigal/Yediyur suitable for floriculture.  Do we have any farms in this area who are into floriculture.  I am torn between chennapatna and kunigal/yediyur.  The latter as land is cheaper than chennapatna, but dont know which would be more suitable to start off a farm, be it floriculture or horticulture in a polyhouse hopefully in the future.  And no, I havent tested the soil in both places, but lot of mangroves and coconut tree around the land I am looking at in chennapatna, whereas ragi, coconut trees, even a bit of areca in the yediyur area.  Please clear the clouds.  Sorry for the amateur questions.


Dear Sri Rajesh,

Kunigal and yediyur area are suitable for floriculture , provided the following are suitable.

  1. Lands soil, prefarably Red loomy, elevated and its drainage is good, Ph of the soil is good  (neutrol soils with ph of 6-7). Ec of the water is less than 0.75 ( salinity, less than 1,000 ppm) .

In general, your kunigal, yediyur area is good for production of Horticulture crops, Floriculture crops, both in open farming and/or in green houses farming.

Good market facilities are also existing. Let the soil, water be tested, take some expert opinion and visit some farms nearby and come to a decision.

with best wishes,            g.p.rao,              farmer

Yediyur is not that fertile  to support profitable cuivation because the soil is shallow lateritic gravel …But kunigal especially the lands in around 15 kms radius are so good to support commerical crops …climate and soil is also very good and conducive for all types of cultivation . Maximum temperature reads 32 degree celcius and minimum 16 degree celsius .Soil and water Ec and PH are so good.Rainfall too is optimum. Really very excellent location …The only problem is with the farmers who are oblivious to latest technologies and poor financial status . To say rightly the farmers and general public lead a contented life with the available means least caring for  sophisticated life .

If anybody is really interested to make money in commercial agriculture, then kunigal is the most suitable place

I indeed was shown a land in Yediyur limits which has a lot of sand and around 2 inch stones sir, but the price he is quoting is low.  Do you think anything can be done to the soil to make it suitable for horticulture/floriculture.  I collected soil samples today and am planning to give it for soil testing, but I think you hit the nail when you said it has lateritic gravel.  I could show you a photo of the soil, but dont know how to upload here…

Yes…I have personally studied 3 taluks viz. Kunigal, Turuvikere in Tumkur district and Nagamangala taluk in Mandya district ,all three taluks being  adjacent and contiguous ,for a 125 crore project exactly at 75th kilometer from Bangalore on Hassan highway …

The places are mostly tankfed ( Rainfed ) …only selective pokets of lands are quite excellent for cultivation particularly commerical horticulture project …

Most  other lands are rocky , shallow and poor in fertility status and some lands near the reservoir or tank are cley ,suitable for onetime paddy cultivation

so soil should be studied for its profile , depth , subsoil calcariousness , structure , texture , bulk density , drainage, organic matter, and then Ec, PH, CEC etc …

Just soil test report alone will not decide your success in farming

so better take some experienced person with you to finalize the deal instead of spliting hair later