Is it possible to engage in sheep farming in Udupi?

Why aren’t people in Udupi involved in sheep or goat farming? Is there a lack of demand for sheep or goats in Udupi, or are there other problems? Please guide me, as I have plans to start sheep and goat farming in Udupi.

I do have same question. I have purchased land recently near Moodbidre and not finding any got/sheep farms nearby. I am looking for agency or firm or a consultant who can execute 50 to 100 got farm in my land (4 Acre total)

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There are a few challenges for Sheep Farming in Udupi. I see the main problems being

  1. Consumption Patterns : As livestock, it might not be popular as Fish and Chicken are more popular in Coastal areas, due to easy access and availability
  2. Fodder : Not easy to grow fodder, and due to rains for a few months in a year, the fodder is challenge, when done commercially
  3. Land availability : Generally Sheep and Goat farming is done in areas with larger land tracts, as it is easy for the animals to graze. Dry arid zones are preferable like Sira, Chitradurga etc

Even commercial dairies are far and few with most farmers having 1-2 cows for their own consumption and rest is given away to KMF

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Contact Sajan on 9448434518 , I manage a goat farm in Mysore.