Is it possible to earn one lakh or ten lakh / acre / year from farming?


I second what Krishna has said in his post. Ravi is an excellent neighbour and really a forward thinking farmer. Vinay who is another farmnest member visited Ravi this weekend just to get some advise as he is also looking at extending his 2 acres banana plantation to 2 more acres.

Its true that Ravi made 4.5L from 1200 Banana tree from first cutting, I could see the second round flowers are started fruiting and Ravi is expecting a bumper crop during forthcoming festive season and his Banana plants looks strong and healthy.

Apart from having a 0.75 guntas of Kanakambara flower, he has inhouse nursery of the same flowe which he does in patch of small land and he was saying that for an 2 months grown trees he sells them for around 5K to 7K and he has around 10 such patches which he is doing in batches.

The guy is great, stood with me for whole 2 days while my land is cleaned and arranged all the labour, JCB, tractor and ensured that around 6acres of land is done in 2 days.

The labour costed Rs100 for woman, Rs250 for men with breakfast and lunch. This is for start time of 8AM to 5PM.


As a farmer looking to earn 1 lakh per year per acre, if I have a crore, would put all or a major part of it in well rated tax free bonds.  Some of the bonds that provide 8.5% p.a. would mean about 70k per month interest income - and for what risk.


I am also of the same Opinion and 100% Supporting the Opinion  / Statement of our Mr.gunda


When I met him in one acre he was planing to sow Maize.  Which he has signed agreement with a society who will buy his grains at Rs. 3000/quintal and he is expecting atleast 35 quintal of grains which  will be Rs. 105000/- this is for maximum of 120 days effort.


I have one doubt, how Rs 3000 can earn in one quintal maize? Maize never got more than Rs 15/ kg ie means Rs 1500 per quintal. Do not understand.

Regarding. kanakambaram cultivation, TTNU says yeild is 2000kgs per hectare per acere and today’s market price is as follows if you take todays market price one hectare in year can fetch gross income of Rs 6 lacs means Rs 1643 but it is per hector. . So the claim of per day Rs4000 for such small patches is miracle and unbelievable.

Today’s Flowers Price List at Chennai


Prices (Rs.)

Pichi  300.00

Malligai (Jasmine) 180.00

Roja (Rose) 130.00

Sampangi 120.00

Mullai  300.00

Kanagambaram 300.00

Sevanthi 150.00

Kozhi Kondai 80.00

Arali 50.00

Does it means all such claims of fancy number is just a dream and suppressed facts?

rajan mathew


See pictures is this official enough?


Please PM mr manamohan our member (tnm)  he will message Mr. Ravi’s contact no.  Please talk to him to clear your doubts.

yearly 5 to 6 crops is possible.
Make 1 Acre in to 2 batches for every month income like salary through 12 crops in year/.
Make sure to work atleast 2 to 4 hours day for it.


Hi Krishna Prasad,
Can you please provide me with Mr Ravi phone number


It seems it is “TRASH”. If the Trader Provides Buy Back Agreement along with necessary Guarantee you can go ahead. Don’t believe the Words of False Traders without proper Agreement with Guarantee.
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