Is it legal to produce bio diesel for self consumption?

I am from western maharastra. A village in thane rural district. I need to know if it is against law to make biodiesel at home for my farm machines. And can I share that with my fellow villagers for farming. As the feedstock will be from home made oil. Any input is welcome.

I don’t know definitely but I don’t think it’s illegal. Several NGO’s and other organisations are involved in their production. I’d suggest you get in touch with a Pune based NGO called AERF. They make biodiesel with the help of villagers living near forest regions. … &Itemid=55

How do you produce bio-diesel ? Plz elaborate …

Yes sir you can easily use the Bio-diesel Produced by you for your Personal use Provided that it is Commensurate with the Norms of Environmental Conditions on its use.

Sir,  Biodiesel is ecofriendly and its production for self-use is not illegal. Go ahead. Good luck.