Is humic acid an alternative for fym & organic compost?

We are planting 5000 Nos of Moringa plants. For the pit preparation, we do not have access to large quantities of farmyard manure and we cannot afford to spend on purchasing expensive organic composts. Can we use humic acid as an alternative to either farmyard manure or organic compost for the pit preparation. I shall appreciate feedback & views from members of this forum if we can use humic acid as an alternative to either farmyard manure or organic compost

If at all you want to enhance soil fertility, thee are other ways also apart from compost and Humic acid.
Before planting Moringa, you have have dipod crops which can enhance fertility as well as extra income by controlling weeds.
Beware of digging heavy fits to plant moringa as their roots are very delicate and if heavy water may stock around plant due to rains, then they may die.

As far as I understand, humic acid cannot replace manure and compost. You need to understand the fundamental difference between the two - humic acid promotes microbial activity in soil which frees up nutrients available in the soil that plants cannot take otherwise whereas manure and compost directly provides the nutrients. Humic acid performs that same function as Jeevamrutha, a soil innoculant popularised by Subhash Palekar.

Having said that keep in mind that if you use humic acid, you will have to use manure & compost in far less quantity than without it. Even Palekar suggest application of fym along with jeevamrutha though in one-tenth the quantity generally recommended.

Dear friend ,
why we adding FYM/ any complex nutrient ? It is the media for microbial growth ultimately release
nutrients in soil then to plants. Humic & fulvic both are organic origin with highest level of carbon +minerals + secondary metabolites etc… The multiplication of microbes require higher level of carbon, humic + fulvic/alone can meet the objective of putting FYM/ Compost,there by increase micobial population in soil, ie. impart sound health of soil

Dose - 200 gm / 200 lits water and drench 2-3 lits / plant.

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Some producer products some humic acid based formulation with NPK, can this replace compost?

In my opinion it is like human consuming glucose instead of regular meals.

Any way I am strong promoter of natural farming. I am never convinced of using humic acid. Has any forum member used it ?