Is Guava as intercrop in Mango orchard feasible?

Hi Experts,

We have planned Mango (Banganapalli & Alphonso variety mixed) in 2 acre. Spacing between the plants are plant*plant is 17feet and row * row is 19 feet. Planting is done just a week before.

Now, am thinking of to intercrop single guava plant(Lucknow-49) in between 4 mango plants. But am not sure how both respond to each other regarding growth, yield, etc… .

So experts, please advice to proceed with.


10% you can go ahead I too have mango orchard and i have tried and it goes well with mango trees but in the begining guava plants need little more water than mangoes

sorry it is 100%

Thanks narasimhan for the update. I have no issues with water availability. Can you please elaborate bit more regarding the planting model. mango x guava spacing?, any other things i need to consider…


Hi Narsimhan,

Can you please elaborate on the distances between mango and guava.

will be grateful if you post couple of photos.

If any one has tried this, please comment.

Venu Kulkarni