Is brush cutter good for mango pruning?

hai every one.
                  iam jagan from andhra. iam haveing mangogarden of 15 acres. in august i want to prune the garden. I am having secateurs pruning saws. but there is a lot of problem with labour. so plss tell me is there any pruning machine a person can cut 100 to 120 trees per day. with honda brush cutter we can prune mango trees? any exports in this field pls tell me.

                                                                                        thank u.

There are large rotatory disc pruning machines, such as the one in this video, that will do much more than 100 trees a day. But I don’t know if they are available in India.

TNAU recommends a hydraulic platform for pruning mango tree.

Source: … 586035.ece

Or you can hire a Bollywood camera crane to the same effect :slight_smile:

Here’s another shot

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Eddison, Wright Brothers all were tagged as crazies  :stuck_out_tongue:

See below video … re=related

Eddison, Wright Brothers all were tagged as crazies  :stuck_out_tongue:

See below video … re=related
[/quote] These machines are not viable in Indian farmers as most of the farmers are having small holding of orchards.
This kind of technology is very helpful for big farms about hundreds or thousands together acre orchards.

Let us focus for requisite necessity i.e. I have 500 mango plants which I alone trimmed as per my requirement with a small piece of cutter. Even we can mange with traditional instruments (See the photo) also if we properly handle them. 

Thank you, Swamy.

Sri, I was kidding, it was nice to see these tools.

When is the good time to prune the mango trees, this year I plan to take the fruit, most of the trees are 3+ years. What I also noticed is the flowering was a bit late this year and a small percentage of trees bloomed but what all bloomed are full with fruit.

I also attached a light trap which the local horticulture guy gave charging Rs.300/- but not sure this will work because it needs electricity  >:( not sure why these government guys give such things which are of no use, also there is no instruction manual to assemble this and I could do what ever I can by seeing the image on the box  ::)


My mango farm has
10years and 20 years plants.

with regards to pruning

what are the precutions needed to be taken?

Once branches are pruned can we let it decompose in the land and get used as mulching or shall it be cleared off the land?

any branches which shall not be pruned?

Please advice