Is an 5 hp submersible motor enough to irrigate 7 acre land for banana cultivation

Dear All,

we wre planning to cultivate Andhra Kozhi banana variert in a leased 7 acre land .will a single 5hP submersible motor sufficient to irrigate 7 acre land . please advise.

We need to deploy valves to plan the many valves approx will be required.

Please advise


First, you should find out how much is the output of your 5 hp pump in lph. Also find out, how much water your crop requires.

It is likely that you will have to divide the 7 acre plot into smaller subplots. These areas in turn will depend on the mode of irrigation you will be adopting like Flood or drip/sprinkler irrigation. Your local agri-officer can provide you with the details.

Good luck!


As @viv_n says, it depends on the irrigation method; and also on water availability and stages of the bore pump.

My experience is that with proper rotation, one or two bores can cover 7 acres on drip.

Hi i think you should be able to use it, Depending on your water requirement your irrigation time will increase. If you use more HP pump you can irrigate the same farm much faster as discharge will be more compared to 5 HP pump.