Is 62 cents agriculture land enough to survive?

I have 62 cents agriculture land at Udipi; is it possible to survive by doing agriculture in 62 cents land?

Yes if it is just survival it is possible provided you have access to water all round the year. However it looks like it is just an Utopian thought. That life would be akin to that of a monk. A very minimalist lifestyle . If you plan to live with your family it is then altogether a different ball game


Agree. With the best of management and marketing with commercial crops, you could probably earn a few lakhs max if you are very lucky. You can’t plan survival on a best case scenario.

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Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

Which cultivation should I start with to enter the world of agriculture?

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If the land is very new near to the metros, you can grow spinach and similar micro greens and this will provide good income except for the rainy season.

Growing micro greens is very labour intensive and and water requirement is also high.

You can grow Moringa and other fruit trees along the border as well.

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