Ireland Agricultural Machinery Market Analysis

Ireland Cereal Agriculture Condition
Ireland is a livestock-farming-based country, and its cereal farming which is concentrated in the east of River Shannon, is following the livestock farming. The main crops of Ireland are wheat, oat, potato and beet, etc.

Ireland Agricultural Machinery Sector

Ireland has a small but strong agricultural machinery sector. Several Irish manufacturer are world leaders in specialized niche areas, such as producing baling and wrapping equipments. The market is almost entirely agricultural and manufactured products include grass balers and other farming machines. The sector comprises small owner-managed business and a new larger company.
At the same time, agricultural machinery has evolved into a very strong sub-sector within Irish Engineering. The sub-sector generates exporter of over € 100 million. Irish  agricultural machinery tends to be more rugged and built to a higher specification than machinery from some other countries due to the poor quality of Irish land; as a result the products tend to be superior on high quality land in other counties.

Irish Agricultural Machinery Innovation Leads the Way
For centuries, the poor quality of Ireland farmlands was a big challenge for Irish farmers. However, Irish  agricultural machinerysector has stepped up to the challenge over the last 30 years, producing agricultural machinery  for its high specification and durability, and its ability to offer superior results on high quality land in other countries. And Irish farm machinery innovation is leading the way on the international stage.

Irish Agricultural Machinery Business in Australia and New Zealand
A range of Irish companies now exports into Australia and New Zealand, delivering highly specialized farm equipmentsto their agricultural industry.
McHale is a leading international manufacturer of specialist agricultural farm machinery;
Smaco Agricultural Machinery developed the Samco System which is an unique planter attachment that sows corn seed, sprays herbicide and lays a thin layer of degradable plastic all in one operation. Tanco produces the widest range of quality agricultural wrapping machinery in the world, exporting them to over 30 countries worldwide.

Ireland Agricultural Machinery Market Positive Future

Although there is a clear downward trend in agricultural machinery sales in 2014: orders for manufacturers of tillage and  seeding equipmentseem to have reached lower levels with very limited perspectives for growth, Ireland manufacturers of  agricultural equipmentsexpect their business to remain stable.