Ippe mara and sapota grafts

Dear All.

We have more than 10-15 “ippe” saplings that have been given to us as sapota plants  :frowning:

After one year  these saplings have been identified locally as Ippe Mara - (Kannada). We are in a dilemma about leaving it in the fruit orchard, as they are flourishing or pulling them out and replanting elsewhere, away from the orchard. We have been told, by our neighbours  that it has no purpose and will shed seeds all over and  “take over” the orchard.

  • what is the botanical name -  my search comes with Madhuca longifolia which according to the Karnataka Forestry site says is useful for timber (and the flowers for  arrack!)
  • is it used as the mother plant in sapota grafts?
  • if yes then can the sapota be re-grafted on to it?

Thank you

you are right. it is Madhuca longifolia. also Mahua.

The oil seed cakes can be used as termite/nematode repellent.

If you want to transfer the plants make sure not to damage mother root. you can re-plant them on fencing.

Thank you for your response.

I opened the images on wikipedia and compared it to the image that i had posted - the leaves look very different.  The link’s images look like what sometimes grows out at the base of the sapota plant.

Is the ippe used for sapota grafts?

Now I am wondering if we have been duped and sold some other saplings instead of the sapota/ippe.

What do i need to record that will help in the  tree identification?

Yes. It can be grafted.
No you were not duped. May be it is a failure of grafting. You can ask the sursery people to graft it again on the same root stock.

I am reading there are two varieties - latifolia and longifolia - in which leaves are broad and long respectively.

I am going to the farm today will look at the ‘ippe’ - talk to the neighbours again and respond to you.

If its ippe then can the sapota grafting be redone on this well established (almost 2 feet) plants and do you knwo anyone who will do it in the Magadi area (we are about 35km from Bangalore)

Thanks for your helpful responses

Sapota (CHIKKU)  Grafting are being made from the Plant Ganneru in Coastal Districts of AP. This Ganneru Plant Grows Very Fast and Grafting with Sapota  (CHIKKU)Branch with this Plant is very easier and Grows Very Fast and yields abundantly getting the Characters of Ganneru and Sapota (CHIKKU), Both the Plants gives Milk when Picked up. The Plant which you refers amy not be that one.
Thank you  Sir,
MANNE.SN,B.Com.,LLB.,for vasudha Green farms, 9133498366.google.co.in/imgres?imgurl=h … Q&dur=2270

Is ganneru like the frangipane (temple tree) or the oleander (kanagale in kannada)?

No it doesn’t look liek either.

Can anyone share a contact who will come to the farm (near Bangalore off teh Magadi road) and regraft the sapota?


Ganneru is Nerium.