Introducing fish to keep mosquitoes away

There is a natural pond at the end of a long sloping section of land. It becomes full during the rainy season and dries up completely towards the end of summer. There are no fish in it, though lots of frogs may be found after the rains. It is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Are there any indigenous species of fish that I can introduce that will eat the mosquito larvae? I have read that some fish eggs can survive the dry season and hatch after the next rains. Any leads where these fish can be obtained?


Introduce Guppy fish, they eat mosquitoes larvae.

@wizNik, guppies are live-bearers, they will die out in summer. Also, I believe they are exotics, orginating in South America. Not suitable.

The other option is introducing Gambusia or commonly known as Mosquitofish.

Both are being used by Indian agencies to control mosquitoes by introducing them in streams & ponds.

Gambusia are also live-bearers :frowning_face:

If you have frogs in the pond, you are sorted. Tadpoles, or baby frogs, eat mosquito larvae. You already have a natural eco-system going.

Do you see dragon flies? They eat mosquitoes voraciously. Dragonfly larvae eat mosquito larvae in the water. When dragonflies start flying, they still eat mosquitoes.

See if you can have plants in the pond. Like Indian Mace Reed or such. Which has part of it under the water and part outside. Dragonflies love them.

Apart from mosquitoes dragonflies will also eat other pest insects.

Though, I have never tried it but I hear from a friend that tilapia are quite hardy fish and survive during very low water. They are also quite cheap and easy to maintain.

Hi you can use tilapia as a natural control. As your water in this pit dries up in the summer a few of the tilapia can be stocked in other water bodies like a well or a pond. These fish are mouth brooders and excellent parents. They are also very prolific breeders. So your pit should add to your farm income by way of sale of the fish at the end of drying time. Think about it.
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