Interesting ideas at Kisan Expo

Hi Farmnest Folks,
Yesterday I had been to Kisan expo at Pune. I was happy to some interesting products and agri-innovations. Do go through thid … g-business

Hi Farmnest members,
Even I visited the Expo. I can certainly say there was huge crowd, in fact at every stall there was hardly any space to stand. I could see farmers and enthusiastic from Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra apart from Maharashtra. A real eye opener i must say.
By the way, there is new group for Mumbai Farmnest enthusiastic. Member are requested to join, so that we can share ideas.

I also visited kisan expo on 11dec2014. Kisan forum gives free green pass also by there apps.
Haresh which group ur talking.

Hello Fellow Members,

  Nice info. Thanks! Could you share more links, specially hydroponics & organic farming, their development & their sales and marketing. Companies and other institutions and resources who participated in the event dealing with these two fields.
  I’m gradually but surely venturing into agriculture & this field is relatively new for me, but as i’m located here in UP and such activities and few and far in between in this region, it would be great help if you can provide with some support info on these subject which participated in the fair / mela / expo.

  Also if i can locate a calendar or something similar that can give info on such fairs that are organized across the country and their participants.
  Thanks and Regards, naf :slight_smile:

I am also in this group. Lets meet, chat and discuss our plans or future plans about our agricultural venture. I reside in South Mumbai and am will to meet.

Hi Ravi/Prash,
I have asked adminstrator to open  FARMNEST-Mumbai Group, I understand it will be operational in couple of days, @Prash you can join once it is opened,we can exchange ideas and meet once we have sufficient numbers.
@Ravi, I understand there is Indian Agricultural Trade fair in Delhi by Kisan forum between 26-28 Feb which would be nearest to you. It is worth visiting. There were number of Hydroponic exhibitors at expo in Pune. There are number of posting on Hydroponic farming in Farmnest also.

hi Team,

Completely agree with NAF; a calendar of the events would surely help. I wish I knew about the Pune event, I would have traveled from Bangalore to visit it. These events are a boon for “want to be - but still confused” farmers like me.


Hi Nithin,
There is an Expo proposed at Banglore between 9th & 11 Jan 2015 by the same organisers.
You can get further details from their website There is free app for mobile users.

Hi Haresh,

Thank you very much for the info. I have my dates blocked  :slight_smile:  I hope to get answers to a lot of questions running in my head when I visit.

The Mumbai FarmNest group is operational for a while now, please go to your forum profile and add it to your profile if you are from Mumbai.

Cant understand how to exactly do it. Kindly help

Read this: … aboration/

The Kisan expo New Delhi is in Feb 2015.


Hi Folks,
I heard that Kisan Expo is happening in Pune from tomorrow. is anyone planning to visit? i request you to reply so that we can meet there and discuss ideas. i am eager to know more about organic farming in polyhouses and building low-cost greenhouses. … g-business
Learning lawry

Hi Haresh, Please include my name in the Mumbai farm nest group.

Hi Friends,
I am looking out for about 500 Subabul saplings for my Goat farm at Vasai,Palghar Dist.