Interested in farming

Dear Friends,

I’m new to this forum and more inclined to start learning about organic farming. I own a 5 acres land near to Vikarabad,AP. Before jumping into farming , I would like to learn basic things from experienced farmers for a while to have a niche idea on what all things need to keep in mind … etc . If any fellow farmers who are near to Hyd/Vikarabad, who  are interested to pass on Gyan to me , it will be helpful .


Hi Vishal,

Agriculture itself is a vast subject to learn :slight_smile: . Here are few ways using which you can start exploring.

Maa Gold Bhumiputra … there are 90+ episodes showing progressive farmers from entire AP and most of them are into Organic cultivation.

Explore things like… Compost, Bio fertlizers (azobacter, phospobacteria, VAM, Trichoderma), ZBNF, Mulching, importance of Desi cows, Drip Irrigation and many more…

I think this list will be a good starting point.

Hari Devarapalli

Hi Hari,

Thanks for the kind reply. I agree its a vast subject , but nee to start at some point :slight_smile:. Thanks again for providing info .

  • Vishal Nirali

Here is starting point,
You have to make some decisions like,  Do you want to go for horticulture or agri or floriculture or dairy or poultry or integrated farming.

Then you have to tell what resources you have.

forum member can guide you with this. More the specific question more acurate answers.

Hi Vishal…Evn i entrred this feild very recently 4 months abck only…things i got experiecned till now…
1 List out each now every htign on papaer whioch hints in you mind.THere will be lot diffrent wht you think and wht we see in feild…Unless like other business you have to see even this as a busniess where your investment very much need and dependedt on other natrual sources as weell…

All the very best to you …

And coming to maa gold all the videos they show is from the peolple who has alreyd porvided its liek success stories but dint see much infiormative  to farmers like Annadaata if you can get Annadaata CD where they show how to to do the proces insted of only success storiees…