Interest free loan for dairy farm in uttar pradesh

Dear Readers,

I want to share with all the dairy farming enthusiasts in U.P. that there is a scheme currently available from animal husbandry department of U.P.
There is and interest free loan of about 36 Lakh rupees for 5 years.
It is called Mini Kamdhenu Yojna.
“Mini kamdhenu” because prior to this, there was Kamdhenu yojna where the herd size was 100 animals and the loan amount was around  Rs 96 Lakhs.
I tried to attach the scheme details but the space limit didn’t allow that.

The link to the website is
There is a link for kandhenu yojna on home page.
for Mini Kamdhenu Yojna, click on the link “CUG Phone numbers”. Some how the link is misplaced.
hope it is helpful for some of the readers.

Dr. Wasim Hadi
50 Mini Kamdhenu Yojna.pdf (99.5 KB)
Time Table Mioni KMD.pdf (252 KB)