Intercropping for Guava and lemon

Dear all
We are in the process of developing a 3.5 acre Organic farm near Nelmangala. We have  planted just last week

  1. One acre  Guava with 15 ftx15 ft distance plant to plant and row to row as well.We wish to know from Farmnest Gurus what are the options for intercropping ?
  2. Also we have planted Lemon with 20 ftx20 ft spacing in 1.5 acre.However we have planted Drum stick  between two rows ie at 10 ft whereas lemon plant to plant distance is 20 ft.I wish to know what else can be grown for next 2 years as intercrop?
    3)We have left  nearly one acre for future projects, if any like Green house etc.How this land can be profitably made use of for next one year or so?
    Thanking in advance

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Hello Ashok,

Could you please tell what verities of Guava and Lemon that you have chosen


It is Balaji and Allahabad safed please

Hello Ashok,

Could you please let me know advantages for Alahabad Safeda over VNR Bihi variety. I’m planning for guava plantation but confused to choose a variety.


Hi Bharat
I am no expert in the field.However ,I was advised  Allhabad Safed for its commercial viability .You may please get the expert advice from Farmnest Heroes who always lend a helping hand.

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Hi Ashok,

Yea, I’m looking for our members views on it . I just thought u might have an idea on this as u just done with your plantation. I wish u all the best and prosperous farm. :slight_smile:

If you look at subash palekar method for guava planatation, in 16x16 ft, you can put 4 drumstick plants and 4 papaya plants. The center can have pomagranate or seethaphal. The 8 feet line can take toor dal and related plants. You need to look at his pattern of cropping for details. I have done almost the same pattern with slight changes.


Dear forum farmer friends,

Allahabad safeda is a age old and well proven variety, widely accepted in all major markets of India. It can be cultivated by regular farmers, expert farmers and results will be like how we do.

Fruits also can be yield from small size to big up to 500 GMs and more , by adopting good pruning practices and precision farming. Good market prices can be achieved.

VNR bihi , guava is a new variety, recently introduced in Indian markets. Up to gathered information, it is doing well in farming and also in markets, with good pricing.

Both are with good keeping quality, and good taste , also with good market acceptance. You can compare it with, Allahabad safeda is like mechanical engineering , good and standard, and Vnr Bihi like computer science engineering, a new trend .

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer.


Attached the planting map that we are planning to follow for Cashew/Lemon/Guava. We have been advised to plant minimum 2-3 varieties for each crop (for example - Allahabad safed, Sardar, L49 varities of Guava). We might add some Mango plants (and reduce Lemon plants) to this map as well.

Dear Vinayjan, Please share your planting map. Also, please let me know where to get perennial variety Red gram (toor dal) seeds ?

-Ganapathi Bhat
Cashew area map_1.pdf (665 KB)


Thanks for sharing your cropping map.

Are you intending the following configuration once the plats mature and tree canopy grows in about 10-12 years time frame:

Only the Guava and cashew plants  in the top and lowest row and lemon plants in middle row will remain, all others (sitaphal, pomegranate and drumstick) will be removed or die out. The glaricidia can grow fast but it can be chopped down to use as mulch I suppose.


Can I have your palekar model for guava plantation along with mango

Dear Krishna Sir,
Mango plants are monster and guava can not grow well, not economical, in mango plantations, even you follow Palekar’s model or any other model of any farmer.
g.p.rao, farmer

Thai super or taiwan pink are better than bihi or allahabad safeda

Allahabad Safeda is a commercially grown variety across India & mainly used for table purpose
VNR Guava is a recently developed variety of guava which weighs around 800gm-1000+gms with big size, less seeds, longer keeping quality/shelf life
It is mainly used for processing purpose