Inter croping coconut with Teak and mahogany

I am planning to inter crop coconut with Teak and Mahogany.
Distance between the Timber plants and the coconut is 15Feet.

Please suggest is it a good idea to inter crop coconut, if yes, what should be the distance between the coconut and the timber trees.


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I have seen a case of Teak and coconut. Teak dont get good girth in this combination, but on the boundary you can plant teak.

Thank you Sri.

My land is 40 feet in breath and 700 feet in length.
I have planted the coconut plants as shown in the attached picture (black dots) in zig zag fashion. The vertical distance between two coconut plant is 30 Feet. and two coconut tree lines are separated by 20 Feet and i have 10 feet left towards the boarder.

Now i am planning to add mahogany and teak alternative as show in attached picture (red dots) in the boundary, Will the teak and mahogany effect the coconut trees ?


15Ft should be ok, Obviously more the merrier.

We have teak as inter-crop with coconuts, it’s been about 15 years and the size of teak is almost the size of the coconut tree now in girth. From what we have seen, Coconut yield had dropped marginally due to teak competing for water and nutrients, which is obviously expected when you inter-crop.

If you are concerned about the coconut yield, you don’t want Teak inter-cropped. But if you want to have mixed income and not solely dependent on single crop you could go with inter-crop.

Your decision will also depend on the water availability and the time you can spend.

Hello Senthil,
In your farm, how much is the distance between the teak and Coconut trees ?
I still have an option to increase the distance between coconut and the teak, how many FT you suggest so that teak will not have any effect on the coconut yield.


Ours is around 10ft which could be the issue. After looking at the layout you posted, for your situation i think you should just go with the original plan of teak in the border which will be 15ft away.

You did a good job of making use of the land really well and 30FT between the coconut trees is a big plus.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Coconut tree should not be effected because of timber trees, as coconut trees live longer compared to timber trees and being more revenue.
I will increase the distance between coconut by another 2 ft, Mean 32 ft. As length of the land is more will not have much difference in number of trees.


Sounds good, Keep us updated with progress pics!

Sure !!  :slight_smile:

i have 1acre land in kerala. i want to plant nutmeg tree,coconut tree and mahogany in that land. just i want to know more about mahogany and weather it will affect other trees?
any body can explain about this?

Dear Sri/Mr pra980,

Mahogany is a quality timber tree, which produces quality wood , which is mostly used for furniture, music instruments etc.

Mahogany plants grow well in good rain fall areas and in zones, where the temperature will be around 30 degree C. If the temperature crosses 35 degree C, its growth will be restricted and mostly shoots gets burned. Sufficient/required water to be made available for the trees regularly for good growth.

Madikere area, Kerala forest areas are much suitable for mahogany trees. I have grown Mahogany trees in Doddaballapur taluk, Bengaluru and observed that they were growing well, if they are supplied sufficient/required water. ( highest temperature in summer monghs is 36 degree C and winter lowest is 13 deg C. Also found that growth was very good in rainy season followed by winter comparatively.

You can see big/old trees of mahogany in kannavam , kerala, forest area and in coorg, coffee plantations, Karnataka, (madikere area ).

Nutmeg plants do well in mahogany plantations, as Nutmeg plants are shade loving plants . coconuts are sun loving plants. Hence coconut plants are not preffarable to plant in Mahogany plantations. It should all ways be noted that, While we plant inter plantations, in tall tree varieties, prefer bush variety plants, also in sun loving plantations, prefer shade loving plants , to be preffered.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Thank you Mr. Rao for a valuable informations.
if i am keeping mahogany in the border of the land howmuch distance need in between the trees and from the boundary wall and in which interval i need to cut the branches of mahogany, and howmuch distance i need to keep from nutmeg tree?

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Hi Guru, please update on your coconut farm with timber intercrop