Integrated Farming model and costing

Dear Members,

There are several aspirants, newbies who are either in process or in planning to venture in to agriculture farming. Same time we are fortunate that we have experts,. real farmers, and knowledgeable persons on board.

Though each situation on farm to farm differ, can we make out a a optimum model of Integrated farming to be raised from scratch and its aprximation of expenses.

Fix factor

Land : Plain uncultivated, idle land
Water : moderate water resources and rain fed.  Rain apx 700-900mm per year
Soil Red suitable for any type of cultivation
land size : min 10 acere

Some of the basic factors may differ, but for newbies can get inspiration from the model we draw and find a land in according to fit the models.

Can we draw a model Integrated farming ie what are things should be in 10acere farm and cropping patters, aprx time needed to yield. if possible aprx cultivation, and yearly maintenance expense of the farm .

all these are approximation figures and may vary . but still can we get an idea or help to proper business plan in agriculture venture.

Farming mode purely organic/natural. most of fertigation by FYM or vermicompost developed in own farm. The design of farm need to generate a short term to long term income. kindly take note on that too


Dear Mathew,
I would like to put down certian necessities and then go ahead with income generation (things I quote is based on my experience). Basic requirement: Bore well or open well with round the year water supply, dripp and fertigation for the entire 10 acre (this will save water and reduce labour cost and excellent harvest),  full fencing, room for yourself, store room, watchman room, basic farming equipemnts (deweeder, mini tiller with trailer, augger machien etc etc) (I can explain the use and the necessity of these equipemnts if you insist), cattle shed and cattle 4 to 6 nos (you can also substitute it with goat, sheep, pig, poultry etc). Without cattle at your farm you will always be at a disadvantage, because if you depend on manure form the nearby village, your requirement and time will definitely coincide with their requirement and time of application (because all of us will plant and apply manure usually at the same time of the year). As soon as you start the fencing work, start planting grass (CO3 /CO4 variety) atleast in 1000 pits for regular and daily supply for the 6 cattle. Now if your add up the cost of all these plus the cost of land you will come the first stage of investment. I was very clever and tried to cut cost by comrpomising on a lot of these and ended up in loss. That need not be the case with all, but my feedback to the forum is based on  my experience.
Next comes the income generation: Focus on daily income,  quarterly, six month and yearly income. Daily income can be from milk, quail eggs, chicken eggs, duck eggs etc. Weekly, monthly and quarterly income can be from vegetables (do staggered planting of vegetables to achieve this and always go for crops that will fetch the maximum rates in the market and check for offseason vegetables to get maximum returns). Yearly income from my experience was from banana. you can identify your crop for this. Planting few jasmine plants right at the begining will also give you a steady income for 12 to 15 years starting from the sixth month of planting. If so much can be done, you will start an income within the first six months and will give you enough confidence to go ahead.
Your main crop can be coconut / amla / sappotta /mango / lemon etc depending on the climatic condition.
If your purse lets you do all the above mentioned then you are in business, but the main problem you will have to overcome is marketing (getting correct rates for your produce). For this you can either tieup with a shop/shops/supermarket etc. But this negotiations has to be done along with the initial farm development.
If you can put each topic in an excell format and take costing it would be easy (at times you can delete some that I have mentioned here and most of the time you can add better options to the ideas mentioned here).
The most important thing to bear in mind if you want to start a farm and make income, is to do the plan based on minimum labour requirement (mecanization is the only option eventhough it will be a bit expensive at the initial stage).



Dear Keving

So in nutshell to make 10 acre land to farm will take at least 17 lacs ie for infrastructure + cultivation expenses.  + land cost in addition.

so over all considering land cost rs. 3 lac (considering in chepeast land in TN/KA or AP) total cost for 10 acer would 57 lacs. ie minimum 1 lac per acere to be generate to say vaivability

agree that land price is also increase but it would be at par face with inflation rate too and say bonus to the efforts.

more thoughts and review.


kevinche description is excellent and the question raised by Mathew is helpful to everyone planning to enter farm sector.

Hello Mathew,

It was an interesting thread, but I did not see many replies. I liked the concept of making a model integrated farming.

@Kevin, I guess you already have very good experience in integrated farming.

Here is What I have planned (My Integrated farming model), please correct me if I am going some where wrong.

A brief background is : I have 15 acers of land with red soil, with Bore (3" water). Have half acre of stone in it.


I will start very slowly step by step.

  1. 2 Murrah Buffalo’s (Milching) (Rs.1,75,000)
  2. 10 Goats 2 months old. (2000*10 = 20000)
  3. 25 desi chicks. (25 @10 = 250 )
  4. dig a small pond of 4X4 meters for fish (Dig the stone area for this). (20000 - not sure )
  5. Few boxes o Bee hives (Apiculture) (not sure)
  6. one green house (shade net) 1000 sq.yds (rs 1,00,000)
  7. 5 acers for Banana and papaya cultivation, with vegetables as inter crops (Palaker Model).  (around say Rs10X 600(Banana)*5 = 30000)
  8. 2 Acers for green fodder.
  9. 5 acers for 5 layer integrated palaker model (Lime, pomegranate, Moringa etc.)
  10. Combination of Bamboo (for wind breaking), Teak, Malea dubia and a nitrogen fixing plant
    (Please suggest if any other option is best.)

Can any one please comment and suggest on the above model. I am planning to start full time by this April/May. Steps to be taken before hand so that it will be a smooth transision.

hi, would you mind telling us where is your land located? and how far have you come so far in the project? 

Hi Venu
What is the status of your project?


Hi Murali,

Long way to go…

I am after these govt. Departments viz Drip irrigation and Electricity connection.

With great difficulty and tons of stress I got my electricity connection (along with independent transformer), still need to get 3 poles fixed.

Currently working with Drip irrigation.- Design and implementation… it will take another 4 months I guess…

At present we have 4 acer of sugarcane + 2 acer of Turmeric + rest rainy crop

since I am a part time farmer… things are taking long time than usual…

Please let us know if you are looking at some thing specific…