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you are right. we don’t have any idea… where all these political spit/dramas ends…but , farmer ending their lives…It is true. For that also, they are giving irresponsible statements …like" farmers are dying because of their affairs, impotency and their personal  issues not for any farming issues or crop prices…" Great Indian Politicians and their knowledge about farmers and farming conditions in india.

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so it is better to sell water(rs20/ltr)than  milk
and also we have to cope with regular cheating whhich we cant do anything

and now govt has introduced [color=red]PASHUBHAGYA[/color]

god save farmers and general public


Respected Gents

I am Sreekumar, from kollam district of Kerala. i am planning to start a small diary farm with 10 cows initially, so please can anybody advice me where i can buy good Cross Breed HF and Jersey cows in Kerala, tamilnadu or  karanataka …

I like to avoid Agents/Brokers, and like to buy it directly from Farms or Farmers…

please provide some contact numbers if you gentlemen have…

Please give me a rough idea of the Current market price of good quality CB cows according to their productivity…

Your advice will be a great asset for me

Thanks and Regards
Sreekumar T


[color=red]MY WORST FEARS COMING TRUE[/color]

now hassan milk federation will be paying 17rs/litre and there are rumours that it will be 15rs shortly
worst part is one “week day”  milk holiday
dairy business is not feasible in karnataka:(
my dreams getting shattered
thanks to government for hiking  feed prices and introducing pashu bhagya(giving 50,000 subsidy to purchase cows for the lazy class)
this vicious circle will get more colour if cow slaughter is banned and someone hikes concentrate prices much further
so that 1 litre milk production cost is more than selling cost
god save us :frowning: :-\ :'( :frowning: >:(


Very concerning to hear this from you and kasturiraju  :frowning:

Can any of us think of anything we can do collectively?


Dear Sri Kasturi Raju sir and Khannae sir, It is most unfortunate for me to address you both in this situation.

A veternary officer requires Bvsc or Mvsc qualification, to get a govt job. For an asst director, Animal Husbandary requires , the above qualifications with some couple of decades experiance and so like to director post also.

But unfortunately, they have to work under a person, who does not have any of the above qualifications, and/or any experience in the dept and atleast  may not be an  experienced dairy farmer even.

Persons taking decisions should atleast think that, with a decision how lives gets changed, and future after huge investments. for some, it may not be possible to come back to ,their normal living also.

Hope now that the concerned may take a practical good decision and if not a remedy for the loss.

Whole heartedly, wish you the possible best.  g.p.rao,  farmer


It is really pathetic that in our country where Jai Jawan Jai Kisan is supposed to be a great mantra, a bottle of water costs more than the milk price the farmer gets.

God save the farmers…



Thanks to khanne, chandra, g.p. rao and biju.

I Am proud and happy ,their is a community watching , feeling our difficulties and reacting to it in our bad time. which is pulling me back to write in this forum to at least share , what happening to me and believe similar kind of people who are dealing and facing this situation.

khanne, its true and all that what you are expressed, is already going on in Hassan district in Karnataka from all category  milk procurement agencies.

whats really paining much is the cost of milk production is ranging from Rs. 24 to 27 per litre. procuring at Rs. 17 to 19 and after separating the cream 3.5% fat packed milk is selling at  Rs.38 in market to poor customers.

Last month one of the company to expand their market offered brokers/agents for one crate of packaged milk one crate free. ( whose money who is enjoying). what pains me at least finally customers not enjoyed the benefit of price down of milk.

I tried to find solutions and find the following difficult s:

  1. Minimum 65 lakhs investment (land,building,equipment’s)  for 2000 litres needed to process the milk and sell to customers as per FSSSAI norms.

  2. The worst part is to process and set up a unit of 2000 ltrs. milk per day plant need minimum 40kva power connection. (In Bangalore itself declared and experiencing unscheduled power cut now. In reality, when their was no power cut in Karnataka, rural places use to get only 3-4 hours 3 phase power supply. we need not to explain current scenario.)

  3. None of the genuine suppliers of processing equipment’s of smaller / tiny size plant exist in india. none of the supplier/ consultants are not bothered for tiny plant set up or expertise sharing nor interested . all European suppliers prices and services are not in affordable range for small dairy plants like us.

  4. No supports i.e. subsidy or any other concessions exist from April 2014. Except no choice of going for mortgage term loan.

  5. The logistic expenditure and investment cost for processing cost will be no where  comparable to larger processing unit. since, penetrating local market is not so easy with just 1000 to 2000 litres.

  6. Their is a proverb " all white liquid is not milk" unfortunately in market it is reverse. No other choice when iam in Bangalore will be buying white liquid only, to my house.

Being a engineer, successful projects execution of various industries all over India and last 5 years struggled to see the successful in dairy farm is really feeling tiered,scared and thinking twice to get into process with scare not for investment but again to handle all these ethic less suppliers, under cut marketing strategies…in this field. ( How can we expect a farmers and dairy farmers for the same).

If any one have genuine practical solutions , most welcome and me also digging  all my sources to find the solution, till my last energy  :slight_smile:




Dear Kathuri raju, GP Rao

Very sad to hear state of diary farming and government’s negligence towards this issue. Can we think of some sort of co-op society for milk marketing to save the farmers from the exploitation by middle men? A small some from many may go a long way. I’m willing to contribute a small sum towards setting up this co-op. Request our forum elders to take the lead.

How is this crisis related to cow-slaughter ban? Is this because there is residual value for cows at the end of their life? Can some one enlighten?



Hi Seone
implications of cow slaughter ban
cow is commercially viable for 7-8 years,after that its financial worth reduces exponentially. Maintenance cost will be more than income generated.
what would one do with such cows? spend money on them?leave them freely to wander in roads and eat plastic?
from small to large farms it will affects all

proposed law was beef ban( male/female cattle/buffaloes)
what would one do with ox/buffaloes?
feed them with little/no profit you are getting?
what would poor farmers do ? who cant feed their own children with square meals?

Beef is cheap, even hindus(socially deprived class) eat beef,muslims,christians eat beef.
people who eat beef account for nearly 25% of total indian population

if beef ban imposed then naturally milk prices should go up as maintenance cost shoots up but…

articles.economictimes.indiatime … eep-saluja … y-at-home/

Globalization: since indian markets are open to all milk products from australia newzealand china ,etc are hitting our markets
Their milk is cheaper and of better quality(stringent quality control measures taken by them), so why would food/beverage companies in india prefer costlier and substandard quality indian products?

hope you understand a bit now

PS:i am an ardent hindu by religion,lacto vegetarian by diet. But i am [color=red]INDIAN[/color] first ,this decision is not good for indian economy


Hi Premkhannae

Many thanks for the details/info.

This being a very obvious case, can we collectively approach the government or start a campaign to shape the public opinion. I can see this beef ban is now threatening the very existence of rural India and the farming community, regardless of caste, creed or religion. No wonder more farmers are committing suicides by the day, their lives and livelihood ruined by this ban and falling prices of farm produce etc. etc. It is a pity that we are just watching (me included) these episodes unfold in front of our eyes, without doing much. 

The plight farmers are appalling & politicians are busy with vote bank politics. We, as a community, as members of this forum, can we do something?  If we can save even one life, this will be a great success. Any ideas?

If we don’t help ourselves, I guess no body will !



kasturiraju… you are doing an great service for novices like us to learn from your experiences…

The effort that you have taken to explain every detail is sheer awesome!

Your investment on Hydroponics is great too… it is a great concept of creating fodder for the animals… especially for people with less space… and grass is always considered the best for cows…

may I make a few comments on the whole concept… which consist mainly of 3 things - Aircooling, Humidity & Water.

All of us are aware a seed germination doesnt require light (photosynthesis) nor any nutrient for the first week. This I know as all of us have grown some kind of plant indoors at some point in time. Only when the leaf is out can the process of photosynthesis establish itself. So I am guessing one could get the same effect if one grows the first 3 days indoors and the next 4 days outside in the sun.

The process of cooling (airconditioning I guess) and spraying of water probably cancel each other’s properties. Meaning when there is humidity one needs Aircon. All over India I guess there is enough sunshine and enough humidity to sustain vegetation. Thus this cooling and misting I guess is not required unless one is in high heat or desert area…

The only other thing remaining in the concept is the water which cannot be done without.

Thus I kindly request you to conduct one experiment if your time permits you. I could be wrong… I could be right who knows?:

When the next time you fill your tray with seeds… keep one tray outside in the open environment but in the shade… near your house or even inside your house for the first 3 days and water it once in 2 hours no need in the nighttime as there will be minimal evaporation.

When leaf appears (3rd or 4th day) keep it outside in the shade . While doing this keep in mind that there should be no excess water and not to let it dry.

Theoretically it should come out fine… probably the speed of growth might be a little slow… but if this experiment is success anybody with sunshine could do it anywhere  and still get the same results without the great expense.

On re-examination of the whole system it appears to me that “climate control” is more suited for people who either live in very cold climates (below zero degrees) or very hot climates (called extreme climate zones) for longer periods… growing grass needs no cooling at least in India…

Anybody else having a similar system or are interested are also requested to carry out this experiment…

Please note the whole aim of conducting this experiment is to know if this process can be done successfully “on racks” but without electricity and the whole machine which is a very big cost and difficult to be replicated by a small poor family. But if the experiment is a success anybody can create fodder at home… the cost of lights & irrigation are bearable… but the running expensie of a air-conditioner and the whole computer controlled system is not.  Thats why I request for this experiment.


…another thing I forgot to add was that in the process of “food” creation its always best to have “hava aur surya sparsh”… i.e.  growth with breeze & sunlight …


OK guys… I tried the experiment to grow “fodder” with wheat grains and it worked out perfectly… I have attached my experiment PDF file

although the temperature inside the house is around 22 degrees I feel it is easily possible to grow this thing for 7 days without big headache…

all one needs is bigger size trays and racks and some drip irrigation…



Dear Summeer,

If you are still interested in dairy farming near gurgaon.

Then , I may be helpful for you.

Actually , I have a dairy in the out skirts of Gurgaon.

Sufficient to accommodate 25 cows.

Dairy is in working condition with some ifs and buts.

I am willing to give this dairy on lease/rent.

(With or without cows as required.)

If you have some interest than please let me know.

My Whats app number is 9070801612.


Sharad Virmani