Installation of Borewell

Hi Friends,

i have got a borewell drilled and got water at 90 feet depth ( around 2 inch water) and the total depth is 420 feet, did not get any more layer after 90 feet.

can anyone advise of in how many feet should i install the submersible pump.



It would be sufficient if you put another 30-50feet extra. In your case 120ft -140ft.

If the drilling was done in the dry season, the dry sources below 90ft,may get activated during the rainy season. In that case, you can add extra pipes if that helps. For now no need to spend too much.

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Shajan Joseph

Hi ,
I have a similar question. I dug a borewell in may (dry season), got ( approx 3.5" yield) water at 55’ but dug upto 119’ unknowingly. Put a new motor into the borewell, it pumped water for 2 minutes and stopped suddenly, again after a gap of half a minute it again gave out that amount of water. At 102’ I got red soil and thereafter ash colored ( was told later by locals that these 2 layers are loose & porous soil profile) soil. Water is not retained and it’s going away in the loose profile.
Was told by an expert that I need to fill the bottom 19’ with