Inputs regarding starting a teak and mahogany plantation

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Hi all, I am planning to start a timber based plantation in kerala focusing on teak and mahogany. i would be grateful if anyone can advice on the economic viability and legal issues of cutting the trees considering that it spans over almost 30 years.

If you live in the farm then think of teak, otherwise there is a bright chances of getting stolen when they are ready to cut.

Teak you can sell after 15 years also, new plants will germinate after cutting three/four times from the same plant.but full growth is possible after 30 years.African mahogany matures after 15 years, girth will be more then 35" its hard wood timber plant mostly used in wooden flooring & door frame.
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Hai Mr.rony
Teak project is very good.
First select patta land.
Contact village office and register the number of  plants of the project.
Before cutting u have to get the pass from village.

  • simultaneously contact  forest DEPT. Also.
        Then if u give proper management
    Can cut 10-12 yrs, because I have experience of teak plantion of 8000 acres in valsad dist. GUJARAT.
      Nutrient management irrigation are key factors.
    Wood quality go for high density planting
    Cut the  some of the  plants after 5 yrs
    Some in 7 yrs.  Timber plants in 12 yrs.
    Thank you

Thank you Bhayya,
Harvesting of Teak Plants is Minimum 20 Years even with Root Grafting  Saplings. It is not apparent as how it is possible for Harvesting in 12 Years.Kindly check it up.

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This  is the light of my experience with Amrut plantations, valsad,GUJARAT . in teak heart wood formation is stress induced with proper nutrient management. If you give excess irrigation  & imbalance in nutrition  SAP wood formation increase .That is an unpublished report. I mentioned two terms that is  the important factors. It was 800 acres project.
It is not a simple statement, that is called  plant physiology based induced. Heartwood formation.
Thank you