Information on sandalwood plantation

I have 4 acres farm at Vaitarna, Nashik. I would like to plant some trees of sandalwood. The land has a slope. Are there specific requirements for sandalwood tree? Where will I get samplings? Where is the market? How much will be pay off?

If you are planting make arrangements for security guards otherwise there is 100% chances of getting stolen.

It can be planted even in barren land no need of irrigation it can sustain harsh condition but its biggest enemy is man. Slope land is no issue.

Yes I have a family who stays at the farm. Where will I get good quality of sampling and information about the plantation? I am doing natural / organic farming.

No. I am not talking about caretaker family. You need security personnel round the clock. It sounds crazy but there are people who is doing it.

I can give you contacts(I will post it soon) from Karnataka, see it works for you.
Why do you want only sandlewood?

Let me tell you a story:
There is one NGO called BCRT, it was started by a agri GNOME scientist from GKVK. he wanted biodiverse forest in his vicinity so he started to develope a forest in a waste land in his backyard, they planted silver oaks, mahagony teak and many other trees which forest dept gave them. Later sandlwood trees came on is own. He says birds brought the seeds.
He showed me so many chopped sandlwood trees and some trees are half cut(it is tested weather the core has developed or not).
So in rainy days it is difficult to hear a motorised chain saw cutting.
Red sanders also has the same fate.