Information on Natural farming

Dear All

I have a 10 acer parcel of land in the Sindudurgh district close to the Goa border and would like to convert the full plot to Natural farming

I need the below costs

i)  fencing (Natural / Wire / Solar )
ii)  building a small farm house (1BHK)
iii) rain water harvesting (80-100,000 litre capacity)
iv) digging a pond to conserve water or a well
v) digging a bore well, altimeter is 1000 m
vi) digging of holes for coconut plantation, cost per hole
vii) Solar panel to light up the house, the pump
viii) any tips from boarders, on how to get about starting, what needs to be done first
ix)  what type of grants can i get from the government to aid me who do i approach
x) is there anyone in the forum where i can stay and pay and learn the basics before venturing on my own, organic/natural farming only
xi) where do i get the earthworms from , contact details required
xii) where do i get proper seeds for vegetation from, contact details required
xiii) what is the best composting method, heard of a japanese pit 3x3 feet, above the ground, that can generate compost in 45 days

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you all


Hi Michael,

Almost all topics you note have been discussed on the forum in different threads - please search and continue discussing specific points.
Thank you and good luck!

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