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Planning to start Biomass Briquette which converts Agri waste into biomass which can used in industries instead of coil and firewood. Can any have experience on this project.

Please give me the details and scope of the project.

Durga Prasad

if you are interested in converting this agri waste into a useful product other than the briquette, we can help you.

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Thanks for reply… Why not Briquette …It replaces Coil and firewood right?

there is no point to argue.
if you are interested in the job we can help you.

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Please post your ideas right here - the forum is mainly for discussion.


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I am introducing my self the supplier of Agro waste wrich is useful for forming Biomass Briquette, If any body need Agro waste , Kindly contact me

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Hello sirs,

The topic is interesting.
For my knowledge. This means any of the vegetative material that we get from the farm, is converted into some form of a brick which can be used in place of fuel?
This sounds very interesting, if it makes economic sense. I was at a large FMCG factory, i saw something like this there, it looked like a large wine bottle cork, so i chked with the person there, he explained something similar to what we r discussing here. they used all the waste paper, and cartons, and wooden pallets to make these oversized corks. But i was told they were doing it like some kind of duty towards society, plus u know how these global fmcg cos are, they are also very conscious abt carbon footprint. Hence my question. is this economically viable ? or is it only for a social cause.

Please throw some light on this please.


Biomass briquettes have been around for a while. Feedstock for biomass pellets, bricks, briquettes, etc can come from a wide range of vegetative items. I am curious if there is any real utility for biomass bricks for most small scale agri operations. In industry, it can be used to co-fire boilers and turbines but there aren’t any such uses in agri ops. Can anyone think how agri waste may be effectively used, after minor alterations / processing, to power or reduce expenses on the farm - ex: generate electricity, build accommodations, etc.

While on this topic, check out this initiative in Bihar started by a couple of US grads.

hi Prasad, glad to know that you want to start biomass waste briquetting project. it is a way to develop substitute for fossil fuels. HJ Machinery is a briquetting press manufacturer from China. you can contact with them. They would provide professional info about binder, capacity, process flow, drawings and quotation for you.

There are many manufacturers of biomass briquettes/pellets making machines in India. Just google for them.

Dear friends,

One of my close friend wanted to start this around 4 years back and he invited me to be part of his company, when we both had detailed discussions the following were the out come.

  1. The raw material required at that time was around Rs. 5/kg
  2. The selling price was Rs. 7/kg
  3. The production cost + raw material cost + investment interest were not equalling the selling price.
  4. Means it was a -ve project.
  5. If any one interested will give my friends contact info you can have detailed discussions with him.

Useful Info, Could you share your friends contact, need to understand littlebit more. Thanks

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Want to know details, to be started in Manipur to conserve deforestations for charcoal and firewoods every year,