Info: Indian Indigenous Cattle

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Found this site carrying valuable information about our indigenous cattle. Please visit.

indianindigenouscattle.blogspot. … tinct.html

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BTW I am from Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu (Between Cuddalore & Panruti), Which indigenous cow is most suitable for natural farming?


Almost all Indian breeds are good for Natural farming.

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Thanks Sri,

Probably I haven’t clearly specified my needs. I looking for native Indian cows which is available locally where I can avoid transportation. Some of the breeds which was close to my place is Kangayan, Umbelacherri etc.

Definitely I believe there should be some pure breeds closer to my location.


although all the desi cows are good,Umbalachery is the best vareity to keep in the farm.
For the preparation of Jeevamrudha etc., their dung is the apt one.


r seshaadri