Indigenous rice varieties by Dr.Debal Deb

Excellent work by Dr.Debal Deb by persevering  these rice varieties … -debal-de/

Navara Rice is an indigenous rice variety grown mostly in Kerala and extensively used in Ayurveda. It is a medicinal rice. It cleanses blood and enhance blood circulation. Hence used as a medium for Ayurvedic massages. Navara rice is a nutritive rice and is excellent for pregnant ladies and children. A baby food made of Navara rice flour and raw banana powder is a very nutritious first food for babies. Write to

Hi All?
Have you tried to cultivate or save  such indigenous crops at you end?
Please come up with your such achievement of saving indigenous verities of crops?

Am not sure about some one from our forums,cultivating the indigenous rice.But as per video of Dr.Debal deb there are few farmers who rely native varieties of rice.
I heard about Mr.SuryaVanshi a small farmer from Central india who is successfully growing the indigenous rice