Indigenous Cows Required


I am looking for Red Sindhi, Gir, Sahiwal, Kangrej or any other indian breed that provides minimum of 5 litres per day for my friends farm.  If anybody has info on this, please let me know the availability and their cost as well.

Dear Padmanaban,

Mr.Ambreesh contact No.7026116868 has Girr you can contact him, he might help you in this aspect.

Mr PB,
My piece of advice is to visit local village or town fairs and get local breed cows which would best fit one’s needs, also curious why your friend looking for indegenious breeds, is it for zbnf, jeevamruta etc?

Want to keep only indigenous varieties for their milk.

I have gone to many places for indigenous varieties (interiors of villages) and see only cross-breed available and not pure breeds of indigenous varieties.

Still looking…

Hello Guys,
  I am in the process of buying some farm land and wish to keep desi breed cows. Can anyone through some light on what exactly are the terms as ‘desi breed’, ‘indigenous’, etc and how to check and know which cow is what breed. Also how to know the age, health and other details while buying a cow?
And not just cows but i even plan to keep few goats and hens. My purpose would be the dung that they will provide and nothing else.

Desi Breed & Indigenous are used to identify the breeds of cows that have “hump” in simple terms.
Why Desi Breed?

  1. Milk is superior and good for health compared to non-desi cows (Check difference between a1 milk and a2 milk)
  2. Has more micro-organisms and hence used in organic farming
  3. Can be used for ploughing using the ox?

Almost an hour long video on Desi cows…There is a lot of gyan initially. 2nd half of the Video has details on Indian breed cows. … 7tRHFV6g3L

Sir cant there be such videos in hindi, english languages?

Contcact them they have DVD’s 100/- each. check below website