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During my routine my daily morning walk in middest of vast agri farms/paddy a positive thought came, interact with the farmer who engaged in farming in that agri farms. So I sat with him and spend quality time like a nursery kid learning. But the gathered information was unmatchable I doubt any books or university can provide such deep, practically experienced knowledge. (Note : I do not own farms in my job place, but am fortunate to stay very close to large/vast  agri farms and so fortunate to wander in such farms and experience the ultimate passion)

So request all farmers on line here or enthusiastic who can interact with farmers can get such incredible information and share on this forum benefiting others too.

  1. This farmer is doing farming WITHOUT any irrigation. Place is Ahmedabad and we gets hardly 3-4 rains during entire year. at present winter started but still day temprature is35-38 degree

he has cultivated

ladies finger
kakadi - (Cucumber)
Cholli (i thinks its called beans)

a) Tuar takes 4-5 months but in between within 45 days he has started to earn income from ladies finger, Cucumber and Beans too. Now ladies finger is over so he cut it and used as mulching.  Take note NOT A SINGLE drop of water poured … and as fertiliser only dung and urine he gets from his ONE Buffalo.

b) Advise for protecting from pest/infestation : At the time of soil prepartion take CASTOR oil and mix in water and spray in soil after tilling. leave it for some days and then plant.

Keep shells of castor seed in combosting and put the same in soil channels for 1 week. then plough the soil

both method will keep deseaces away. or also can plant castor plants on border of farm

c) water irregation : make channels in land and let water to travel in one channel at a time. so basically 1-2 acere land to be irregated per day. and frequency may be 15-20days only. no heavy investment of pipes or drip irregations…

I will be intracting with more farmers and will share what ever small or sensable or even nonsense knowledge too.

One most secret information., This farmer has 35 acere land and he does farming with his wife alone. and he does farming in 3acere without any fertilise or chemiclas just for the product from this land for his own home consumtion. rest all land for commerical production done with chemicals… see how smarts…


Such traditional knowledge is highly useful and profitable.
Thanks for sharing.

Splendid. It would be more colorfull if it was with photos.

Why cant we call this as “Agri-Journalism” and start.

We can cover below points:
Irrigation: How cost effective it is, How it is independent from Electricity(EB).
Fertigation: How natural it is, How labouriouse to fertigate.
Pest control: How effective, How atural  etc etc.
member please add anything is missing

I request Swami sir to suggest some points, as you have academic qualification in Journalism

I request Swami sir to suggest some points, as you have academic qualification in Journalism

[/quote] I have already started separate thread called AGRICULTURE TOURISM in which I have already covered few farmers success stories, you can see their.

Hi Mathew,

It would be quite good , if you can provide the full address and mobile number of the farmer .As mentioned in  earlier post , pictures speak more than words .