Increase Productivity Manifold With An Efficient Rice Sorter Machine

If you run a  rice mill, make rice paste from rice or selling rice as a retail shop, the first thing that you have to ensure is the quality of rice. High quality rice will be instantly bought by customers and it is nutritious and healthy to eat.  In order to get this quality, the rice must be clean. It must not have any dust or dirt. It must also not have any yellow grains or immature grains in it. This cleaning task is usually done by traditional sorting methods.

Why are traditional sorting methods ineffective?

The problem with such methods is that they take a lot of time and energy. You have to employ people to do the work which will increase your costs. It is also possible for errors to arise, with few faulty grains being put into a pack. Furthermore the sorting process happens slowly. As a result, you are not able to send rice fast to customers. In the long run, these problems will affect your business and prevent it from achieving its potential. The solution to this is using a rice sorting machine

Benefits of using a rice sorting machine

rice color sorterwill do the sorting work quickly and efficiently. It has advanced camera sensors inside which checks a grain from every angle. It can quick match the grains fed into it with your specifications. When it finds a faulty grain it removes it from the input and sends it to the reject pile.

While doing the rejection, it takes care not to allow any good grains in the input to be accidently thrown out. It pushes faulty rice grains out through pneumatic pressure and while doing so it takes care not to waste any grains. The good grains are sent to the output pile and can be immediately packed for customers. The accuracy of output is such that you don’t have to spend time in checking it. This highly accurate means of sorting rice can saves so much of time. You will be able to sort rice faster, hence deliver more rice packs to customers. This increases your productivity, while costs are lowered because you are no longer employing people to do work using traditional sorting methods.
Implementing a good technology in the work place will bring excellent results. A rice sorter is exactly the machine needed to change the way you have been doing business. No longer is sorting a complicated job, requiring a group of people to work on it for hours together. This machine will do the sorting in a short while, giving you fast output that is very good in quality and which you can send for packing. Such are the results obtained from using the machine that you will never go back to the old way of doing things.

A high quality  rice color sorting machineis built according to ISO 2001 standards. Hence it will be durable and long-lasting giving accurate sorted output time and again You can use it continuously without having to worry if it will breakdown or show up errors. You can input specifications, which will be understood by its software while processing grains. The machine is designed to be easy to operate hence it won’t take much time to learn how it works. Once it is fed with rice, it will automatically do the sorting job, requiring very little human intervention. The latest models are designed to consume minimal power, so energy bills are not going to shoot up by using this machine continuously. The machine is built to be sturdy and can work extensively to produce sorted output.

Rice sorter machinesare available in so many different models like beans  color sorter machine, plastic color sorter, etc so you can easily find a model that is suitable in terms of features and price. These machines are affordably priced and they increase productivity manifold, hence you get good return on investment in a short while after buying it. Your business can give high quality output to customers faster, while thus reducing delivery time which will attract more customers. People buying from your store can be sure of getting nothing but the best in rice because of the highly accurate result produced by the sorting machine.

Every business has to implement strategies through which it can earn good reputation in the market and gain an edge over the competition. A rice sorter machine is exactly what your business needs to achieve this. You will find targets being achieved faster and your business making more profits

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