Income for plantation crops

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I was thinking what would be the right investment options/ returns among following Crops
[li]Plantation crops - Tea [/li]
[li]Plantation crops - Coffee [/li]
[li]Plantation crops - Rubber [/li][/ol]
Can somebody guide me the investment and returns from the above mentioned Crops

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Please check following links … rubber.asp

I don’t have economics of growing Tea but if you are looking for other info related to tea/coffee please have a look at the below link.

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Until and unless you have inherited huge forest area or has some one gifted it to you. there is no point in starting Tea, Coffee or Rubber plantations by buying the land. Coffee requires some sort of forest cover for shade. Tea needs slopes , rubber I have no idea. You need atleast a min of 5 years for you to see the first crop.

Man you must be surely rich to start these off.  ;D  ;D  During british raj days plantations were started reason being, lands were free, that’s why we have estates in excess of 100 to 1000 acres .

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For all these crops, there are separate boards, Rubber Board, Coffee Board, Tea Board… visit their websites and have a looksee.

I have some info about coffee and rubber.

Coffee arabica is now about Rs 250 per kg (used to be above 400 per kg) and an acre of arabica coffee can produce anywhere from 500 kgs to 1500 kgs depending on maintenance and practices. Robusta coffee is lesser in value, but yield is greater. Both arabica and robusta varieties take about 6-7 years to mature so the coffee board has developed a variety called kaveri which starts yielding in about 3-4 years. Blossom showers are vital for a good crop. As the price of coffee is so high, coffee suitable lands also are similarly high priced raging from 15-20 lakhs per acre. Coffee requires shade and therefore shade trees like silver oak are normally planted at the rate of about 300 per acre. About 10-12 years later, these trees itself will yield a good 10-15 lakhs per acre in timber value. Best coffee in India is produced in the Baba Baban Guda ranges of Chikamagalur. Other places where it is grown is Kerala, Tamil Nadu and some farmers in Mharashtra are trying it out.

Best and highest yield of rubber is found in central Kerala mid-ranges. Rubber is now at about Rs 180 per kg (used to be above 220 per kg) and the yield will generate about 1.5 to 2 lakhs per acre (mostly net). About 180 trees are planted in an acre. Again, rubber requires about 6-7 years to start yielding. To yield rubber, the tree must be tapped (a slight delicate cut into the bark halfway) and the latex collected and coagulated. The coagulated latex is then dried by sun or smoked. The tree requires much sunshine and cannot bear water logging, so must be grown on well drained soils. Unlike coffee, it requires heavy rainfall and cannot withstand water stress. Inter-cropping is feasible during the first few years, but later the heavy shade of the crowns will not leave much sunshine between the trees. Rubber yields for about 30 years after which slaughter tapping is done and finally the tree cut down and sold for about Rs 2000 per tree (current rates). Success of rubber outside Kerala is not always assured, but plantations with different yields have been established in coastal Karnataka, Goa, Konkan Maharashtra and North East states.

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Before going for these Plantation Crops , initially you have to ascertain whether the Soil, Climate are suitable for these Crops.These Crops needs separate climatic Conditions as far as my knowledge is concerned.Before going plese keep it the above IMPORTANT Point in mind instead of repent later.
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