Importance of weather and climate monitoring in agricultural production

Weather and climate is the most influencing factor in agriculture production …let us see how the weather parameters impact crop growth and yield

The AWS - Automatic weather station collects all the weather parameters prevailing in a location and enable the farming community in taking various decisions like scheduling irrigation ( The soil moisture to the depth of top 15 cms plus prevailing temperature , wind speed and solar radiation are considered ) , controlling soil borne diseases like root rot and collar rot infections ( when soil moisture is noted excessive in case of vegetable field ) , preventive control measures - spraying fungicides when atmospheric humidity is high in case of Rice field , timing of fertigiation or fertilizer applications, planning harvest and post harvest operations in order to minimize crop/ yield loss vis-a-vis maintenance of produce quality …
Just sowing seeds, applying fertilizers and spraying pesticides without due consideration for prevailing weather and climate parameters will not help the farmers in successful crop production

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