Importance and use of silver oak as timber

Anybody in our Forum enlighten the use and Importance of Silveroke as Timber.Is it better than Teakwood.Shall we use silveroke for Doors and windows.Kindly enlighten the use of this silveroke as Timber.I am having 10 Years Old TREES are available. Shall we use it for Preparation of Furniture.


Silver oak mainly used as shade plant in coffee estates and also used as support for creeper plants esp: pepper / medinal plants .

not good as timber for constructions


also u can use for making small furniture but planks as there is not much hard wood.


I have used Silver oak,(available as imported packing case) for wall paneling in office and

also some exterior application also. It has given good results.

My friend has used it extensively for all his interior door panels and says its quite good.

don know about Indian silver oak some people say it develops cracks

Silveroak is consumed mostly by plywood and paper industry. It is not good furniture for reasons, borer insects reduces life of the furniture and poor workablity of wood for carpenters. Teak has natural insecticide which will last long.

Costwise comparison 1:5

Gestation period for silver oak is 8to 10 years, for teak 15 to 20 years.

Teak needs paperwork to cut trees, silveroak dont need paperwork from forestery(double check with your state forestry)

Teaks gets stolen easily but silveroak dont get stolen.


Here is some economics for silver Vs Teak.

I have seen people selling Silver tree after 10 year for Rs 200 to 300 per cft.
But a fully grown Teak after 30 years will fetch atleast Rs 2500 to 2500 per cft

Assuming you harvest Silver 3 times in the period which Teak grows you would be getting around Rs 900, adding interest of the first 2 harvest total income would be 2503 +2502 +250 = 1500 to 2000 per cft based on the interest rate.

Please note that the base rate of Silver is one case, please put appropriate market rates to make it more meaningful

Silver Oak is a soft wood  species. It deteriorates  fast.  Therefore unfit as constructional and furniture timber. However it is used in the manufacture of  items like slate frames, packing cases where strength and retention are not required.
Siva Sankara Reddy.