Impact of HT Lines on Humans/Livestock/Trees & Crops

In our search for suitable agricultural land, we have often come across land with HT Power transmission towers and/or cables going over the land. While almost all the sellers/agents brush away our concerns, I cannot help think that constant exposure to the electromagnetic fields generated must be harmful in some way to us humans, farm animals and even trees and crops. Google research, as usual, has provided mixed messages. So thought I would ask some of the experienced folk here.

Does anyone have real experience of prolonged exposure to HT lines in their farms? Any bad experience or are we worrying unnecessarily? Any genuine studies conducted that you are aware of?


Thank you Bhayya,

Particularly in the Dry Lands HT and LT Electrical Lines are invitable. I think there may not be such a Harm to the Animals and Crops. If we feel that radiation is there we will construct our Farm House away from such lines. Any way kindly Consult an expert Engineer in this Regard. But what I know isĀ  that there is no Harm in LT lines.

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