Identify this pest in sugarcane

Dear All,

We have recently identified a strange thing in our sugarcane field.

on the back side of the leaf a white color thing is found. Only very few leaves here and there have it.

Can some one say what it is, is it harmful, will it spread, and the remedy for it.

Thanks in advance

Venu Kulkarni

Mealy bug , kind of sucking pest …This is an unique pest among mealy bugs called cottony mealy bug with cotton like white protective mass around the insect body …This pest originated in karnataka in the year 2004  and spread to neighbouring states like Tamilnadu and Andhra and southern maharashtra…

Extreme drought and humidity in microclimate around sugarcane invite sucking pest like this



But sucking pest generally being washed out in rain naturally

Pesticide spray is difficult in sugarcane

If you do not take immediate action this pest will spread along the wind …The white cottony mass help the insect pest to float in the air and easy spread to other plants or distant places …

In advanced condition the leaves will turn into black due to honey due secretion that in turn invite sooty mould fungi develop over the leaves …

Avoid excess nitrogen application that makes plants leaves succulent and conducive for sucking pest like this …

Dear Ramu Sir,

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Venu Kulkarni

According to ZBNF you may spray Neemastram.

Spray this Neemastra as it is on the plants for sucking pests & Mealy Bug.

palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarmin … astra.aspx


Hi Pushpraj,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Venu Kulkarni