Identify and suggest management - coconut pest

Attaching pics of “autopsy” of coconut
Kindly suggest management

Did you see any pests? Can you post the pictures?  What was the reason for cutting the trees?

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Innermost leaves looked lusterless pulled the shoots,it was foul smelling
Couldn’t find any large pests

In coconut it is only Rhinocerous beetle that can damage zero leaf at the centre …The symptom shows stray fibre and some frass that is caused only by an insect that has chewing mouth part .Rhino beetle has chewing mouth part …The secondary infection with small worms and foul smell in an incidence in damaged plant only after the Rhino beetle has left the palm out on finding another site …

If Rhinocerous Beetle is the cause, they you may need to find out where they are multiplying.  Normally, they multiply in the FYM or Compost or similar ones nearby.  Avoid these in your farm.

Next go for pheromone traps for Rhinocerous Bettle.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

This seem some kind borer pest damage,though its not clear from pics,but if it is so please do homeopathic treatment for borer-mix  homeopathic remedy Thuja 30 liquid 4 drops in 1lit of water(in plastic bottle) then shake it or 30 time or hit the botom of bottle on a table top for 30-40  times,now add this soln to 20 lits of potable water.Give it to peripheral roots of plant and if possible spray it on the plant repeat dose after 15 days again thats all.In case you need pheramon treatment just give the plant root a dose of coccinella 6 in similar fashion it will keep away all destroying pest which come flying from distance.