Identification of the plant

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Please identify this plant. In our language(Telugu) it is called as"manchi Chilla". It is used by my father as “Natural fencing” at my village. Please tell me the common name and Botanical name of this plant.

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it is called KILUVAI  in tamil.-----Commiphora sp is the bot name

Dear friend it appears there had been some very learned person in your family who had planted this herb (along with hadjod-cissus quadrangularis ).Guggal is one of the endangered herbs now which is your proud possession.This plant in your photo is called commiphora Mukul(guggal in hindi)This is a rare plant used to prepare blood purifying medicines by different names e.g. kanchanaar guggul,yograj guggul,trayodashank guggul etc.Another creeper plant can also be seen on its branches which is bone fracture curing herb called cissus quadrangularis or Hadjod(hindi).Hadjod is a very effective herb to join the fractured bones in a short time.Plaster of paris on fracture takes very long time to heal but this herb can join the fracture within few days.

Is this Hadjod ?

mc, I think it is Hadjod.

rcdixit sir, how can it be used to treat broken bones? I think it can be effectively used in small fractures like fingers etc. I would like to know.
Is the plant/fibre wrapped around or is it consumed?

Hadjod= “Nalleru”(Telugu)

ms it is 100 % hadjod plant nothing else.

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Dear yugandhar
Hadjod (cissus quadrangularis) contains very rich calcium ingredients in itself.Though in current time I won’t recommend its use in view of advanced science but this herb has capacity to repair broken bones (even big fractures)effectively, if poultice of its fleshy portion is made and tied every day, preferably in the night.The poultice consists of oil as medium of cooking,turmeric and hadjod pulp and minor qty of salt.This poultice when tied to the fractured place,commences immediate repairing action.To derive further benefit its root can be put in rice ready to be cooked.Once rice get cooked take out the root and throw it.Kindly do not take raw pulp as it creates very strong itchy sensation in throat and stomach region.(herbs become very useful in calamities.In case one gets trapped in uttarakhand like situations,and knows giloy,(s)he won’t die of hunger.If fracture occurs and this herb is nearby it can be used directly on fractured area)