Ideas to start a farming business

Hi everyone

I am jajati.i have completed my
am not interested to work for any company rather i want to do something my own.
i have 10 acres of land.

I request you all to help me and suggest how to start and what all i can do to survive and have a smooth life for my family.

If some one can give me a project lay out then it would have been a great help for me.

Hope to get some interesting ideas

thank you

Dear Mr.jajati, while you are in need of a suggestion, first and foremost is, you should tell us that,where is your land located,rain fall of that area, temperatures maximum & minimum, altitude, humidity in all 3 seasons, and your expected budget, etc, so that some of us can suggest you the best possible things. You have to express your budget limits which is a must. if budget is not a constrain for you, you are suggested you can contact KF Bioplants,pune,construct green houses, with fan and pad system, grow flowers like phalaenopsis,orchids,by investing around 4 crores per acre and your earnings also will be in that tune only. M/s KF bioplants, pune will give you all the needful including technology,plant material,consultancy project report etc. you can contact them. OR you can contact ISHG,pet bharo,Bengaluru for growing Strawbery in fan & pad system growing and they give all technology and plant material.,

Hi Jajati,

Why not invest 3 days of your time and  4,000/- rupees (inclusive of lodging, boarding, training and site visits) and learn about Polyhouse (greenhouse) farming to cultivate capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber or high value flowers? If you decide to go ahead, you can also avail of 40-50% subsidy against your investment, and also easy bank loans.

More details here :

Good luck in your quest.

Hi Jatati,

Since you have 10 acres of land and you are completely new to farming, it is better to spend some time understanding the various options and also see what others have done so far and see if it fits your needs.

You can search in FarmNest itself about the various magazines and also go through the real time farmers blogs and websites to get an idea.

Once you get a overall picture, you can interact with others and see how best to finetune your ideas further.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


u r just out of college and want to enter farming, that means u hav to earn out of it for a living. So need not say that u need to venture into profitable farming, rather than the concept of sustainable farming.

suggest you to follow integrated farming wch contains animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture, agriculture,etc
also suggest to start from a acre or two and than expand to the whole 10 acres.
also plan returns in small, mid and long term basis…say for long term u need to plant trees (silver oak, teak, etc) on the periphery of yr land.

bottom line is u need to think on these lines and start accumulating actual info on the above (wch is not avlbl on net) , wch adapts to yr location.

a link to a sustainable farm near Bangalore, some info abt trees,etc will help u a lot.


Hi Jajati,

If you have good water support i.e capable to run 5hp motor for 3h in summer, and have intial establishment investment atleast 10-15 lakhs then you may enter farming and try some integrated farming approach peacefully.

As an example allocate 6 acre for growing fodder. With 3 acre fodder form a stall stall feed goat unit with 60 female +6 male goat. With remaining 3 acre fodder form a dairy unit with 12-16 sahiwal or jersey cross dairy unit.
Set up a poultry unit capable of producing 200 butcher chicken per week.
In remaing 4 acres do cultivate crops in units of 1 acre with rotation.
rice-pulses (Black gram, green gram)-maize
Integrated approach:
Apply the fodder to goat and cow
Form a bio gas plant using cow dung.
Use the biogas manure, goat manure and poultry manure to improve soil fertility.
Use maize seeds to prepare concentrate mix to feed poltry.
Prepare panchkavya with the cow urine to spray crops. Also prepare some botanicals.

It will take 3 years to enjoy a continuous very good profit for a peaceful life. First two years you will get some income, and experiences.

If water/intial establisment support is not availble pls follow aamir 959 suggestion.