Ideas for seeds/livestock database of members


Great work Chandra and all the members supporting farmnest.

Sug:- Is there a way to create a database or reference material for seeds and livestock available with each members(preferably native variety of seeds which are fast disappearing, hybrid can be easily acquired from market)

You can send out request to exiting members to update the list of seeds available and new joiners can fill form at the beginning. Also members should be able to edit when ever required.

This will help a lot of people. This will keep the site healthy and active. more farmers and like minded people will get involved.


Hello Anoop,

While the idea in principle is reasonable, you will need to work out some additional detail on how this can be achieved. Are we talking items available to share or in use by a member? What is your expectation of the number of members who will participate in this? Would a thread under the Sharing section address this instead?

Happy to create a useful tool but need to get a hang of the exact need first.




Sorry for delay.

The issue with thread is most people miss out on the search part(So adding a section in “Sharing” may not server the purpose). It gets appended and all the information is lost in archives. This is one of the reason same questioned are being asked by new comers again and again.

Yes it will altogether be a big task. you can link this to home page instead of forum section.

Basically this should be like any other webpage, should be crawled by search engines. Many people search for seeds or source to acquire plants with in the forum and outside. Origin and other aspects of seed can be added.
Image for the seed will be great.

Sure it may take some time for it to work. But it will be worth the time spend.  Farmnest is already very popular, it will be remembered for ever for creating this platform . I am saying this because I see some active farmers on the forum and like minded people.
I am most of the times dead busy. however if I can be of any help do let me know. provided the task fits my skill set.


Ok Anoop. Let us all give it some thought over the next few days before we work out what is best.



I was thinking over this and was wondering if your request would nicely fit into the ads section, though the price may be zero in some cases. An ad can be posted under the Seeds and Plants section and this gives the member the option to modify, republish and unpublish the ad at his or her discretion at any point of time. Images can be added to the ad and ads of course show up on search engines.

Do you see a reason this would not work? Open to discussion.




I have attached three files. screen shot “no search result” I was unable to find nei kumbalanga in ads section. In Kerala Kumbalam is singular for pumpkin and kumbalanga plural.

check the other attachment “poosini”. It lands on the search target. Now there could be so many such search on the net?

Now if people know that they can easily browse and check the seed availability some where in a particular location it makes life easy.

see the attachment “hierarchy format” on the RHS you have location(city). In the same way if you can add main tabs such as vegetable seeds, commercial plants / wild ones etc.
This will need further optimization. few farmers will have same seeds then they will be included in the same keyword. There could be many issues. But when we start new problems can be identified and fixed.

This is my taught. Not sure if this servers the purpose.


I got the search results appear correctly for ‘Nei kumbalam’, ‘poosini’ and ‘kumbalam’.  In fact, even on google, the first two words get the FarmNest Ad show up at position 1 or 2.

The phrase ‘nei kumbalanga’ is nowhere in the ad and obviously, there is no way that the search for this phrase can show up the ad under discussion. Just including this plural phrase (and possibly any other names) in the ad somewhere in the description however will bring this ad up in search.

While a box like the regions is a bit complex to build, it is possible to categorize the ‘Seeds and Plants’ section into subcategories. There was a strong reason this was avoided but this can be reviewed once the number of ads under the section grows large.

This is good discussion, keep it coming. We can continue to keep reviewing this further.


I have added a new field called ‘Other names’ for Seeds and Plants section alone. This should remind posters to add synonyms that help search.
This field would be visible in the search box when you go to Seeds and Plants section; search engines will pick this up field too.

Let us see if this meets the need.


Thinking about it, adding a new search field defeats the purpose and will be hardly used. I have tried adding a couple of synonyms to your ad - it works on the site search and should be in google search shortly too. Let us see.


Yes you are correct for the exact search term it gives the desired result. 

this is just a example. there could be so many other words i believe.

lot of work involved. ok got your point.

let me think if there is any other easy way or better option.


A suggestion please-
A simple data base with required columns for seed details such as Seed of (Image of the Produce), Seed (Image of the Seed), Seed Name (English), Family (Latin name), Seed name (Hindi), Seed name (Tamil), Seed name (Telugu), Seed name (Kannada), Seed name (Malyalam), Seed name (Bangala), Seed name (Marathi), Seed name (Punjabi), Seed name (Oria), Seed name (Gujarati), Local or Hybrid, Growing Season, Duration days, Seed requirement (Quantity unit) per (Land Unit) with (Spacing Unit), Source origin, Now available with ( name of holder, address, Contact No, E-mail ID ), Available Quantity, Rate Inr per Unit, Best to use before date, Special Remark or Highlight , etc

This data base should be open for updating by members with login compulsion and update tracking.


I have similar database parameters and if you wish to take a look at my parameters, see the link agricultureforeverybody.blogspot … plete.html

I have only completed(to a great extent) the parameters for Fruit Trees and I am in the process of doing it for Vegetables, Timber, Greens etc.  As a starting point, you can use the Fruit Trees Parameter.  I have kept it very generic and hence some of the parameters you have mentioned are not captured in that.

Please feel free to my comment on my parameters for better improvement.


I think we are talking two things - one is a names database of different seeds/crops in different languages and two is a database of the availability of seeds.

Imagine someone posting availability of some seed noting the names in different languages in the post - maybe ideal but simply not practical.

The direction would be to have a kind of a dictionary/lookup page that lists the names of all crops in different languages, separate from the actual postings of availability, which should be in English. I would think the names in different languages should be already available somewhere - wikipedia etc.

Keep the thought process on.


Dear Chandraji
it is indeed a great idea for the database, i remember what i have eaten during my childhood i am not finding any more the synthetically production has spoiled, not only the health but new dieses has risen, the greed ness of MNC has increased the production by volumes and their seeds are creating more problems. The sweetens of food has vanished.
It will take time but it is not far off that the database will be completed in near future. please put names in different languages so that every farmer contributes. 
with regards
g c jagwani


Dear g c jagwani - thank you.

To start with, can someone volunteer to compile the cropwise names in different languages, that we could make a wiki page with?
This should be a table with as many languages as possible. The name in languages could be both English and the language script itself ( See example below.

English NameScientific NameTelugu NameHindi NameTamil NameMalayalam NamePunjabi Name

Paddy/RiceOryza sativaVari/వరి …


Dear Chandraji
I will definitely do what is possible from me.
Please find some names in this site … jpg/  This is they are also doing best for the farmer’s communities.
with regards
g c jagwani


Chandra, I an ready to participate in this


Thank you, I will create a wiki login for you over the next couple of days and let you know.


Dear Chandraji
Please accept my Hertiest Deepwali Greetings.This Deepwali brings lot of Happiness, prosperity to you to all the farmer community,all the members together with our mother India and to World Village.
Attached some useful English- Hindi names.

with regards

g c jagwani


Thank you g c jagwaniji.
Much appreciated.