Idea to start a new farming related business

I have a small land of arnd 3 bighas in delhi and want to start some farming related business, can you please suggest the best option. I m new in farming and have no exp.
Earlier in that farm my grandfather has done mushroom and paultry farming but i hv almost no exposure to that.


Farming related - are you thinking towards food processing or storage/trading ?


Hi Tripti,
        Please detail your thoughts about what you exactly want to do with the land. Do you want to cultivate or go for poultry or dairy etc. Unless we get to understand what your thoughts are, we cannot suggest anything concrete.


You can start Hydroponic Farming in a small way.To know more about Hydroponics log no to: … f=hl    for more info.We can supply equipment and nutrient for Hydroponics.


I have gone through your current thread and wish to find exact location of the land,type of soil/irrigation arrangements/labour availability and may guide you for its ideal utilisation.
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