I would like to start donkey farming pls suggest the cros prons about this

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    what is the demand of donkey meat and milk in india , if i go for it how it is?

pls suggest any project report for it

i am not sure if there is a market for donkeys. Only few people use it for carrying weights and probably they are breeding the donkeys. About the donkey meat, No idea…  ???

Reg the Milk market, i saw some people selling donkey milk in cities, especially for new borns and infants, as the mother’s milk sometimes doesn’t give enough strength needed for the kids. This milk is sold at a fancy price of 60 Rs/L and people were ready to buy it as its something related to the health of kids, and the infants would consume around 250 ML to 500 ML per day max. If you want to market donkey milk, you should be targeting these consumers.

Do a thorough survey before stepping in, as I haven’t seen anybody who has targeted the demand for donkey meat and milk. :-\

Resp liveinveeru,

Upto my knowledge and market awareness, donkeys have very good demand. In most of the sandy’s, they sells at good prices  ( limited qty only ). But not demand of abnormal quantities. If considerable, say few tens or hundreds in a year,are brought to markets, it will have good demand.

In Vijayawada and chennai, there are hotels, ( one plus one ) who supply donkey meat. It is a beleif that who works very very hard ,will eat donkey meat food. Demand of meat and milk is not known.

All the best for innovative thinking. g.p.rao,  farmer

Milk there is a high demand. 500rs/L  (I am not kidding). Shepards from North will bring donkeys and keep asking if we want milk. 1glass will cost 80-100. It is believed that children get good health.

I trust you are the only one in the world to think differently  about farming. Hats off to you …Of course people do not have awareness about donkey milk . To our surprise it prevent cancer in human beings .It is true…Donkey farming is one of the lucrative business specially for its milk product . When you create awareness about this medicinal property , the donkey milk will sell @ Rs.10,000 to 15,000 a litre both in national as well as international market .

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Enver Yalçın, owner of donkeys at a farm in Fethiye, has said that there is a high demand all over Turkey for his donkey’s milk, which he claims can cure some ailments including asthma, bronchitis and some types of cancer.

enverEnver Yalçın, who owns the Nomadic Museum at the Kargı Village, Fethiye, has set up a farm where he produces donkey’s milk. Yalçın explained that he was sending the donkey’s milk in special containers by cargo, adding, “We have been supplying fresh donkey’s milk all over Turkey: from Istanbul to Malatya and from Eskişehir to Kars.” Enver Yalçın quoted the price of a litre of milk as 80 -100 TL, including the cost of the container and the cargo. He continued as follows: “In recent years scientists and doctors in Turkey advised that donkey’s milk is good for certain ailments such as asthma, bronchitis and cancer whereupon a great demand started for this milk. It is so great that we have a hard time to meet the demand.

Yalçın informed that at least 10 people called them daily to demand donkey’s milk and made the following comments: “We are trying to increase the number of our donkeys to meet the demand. The price we ask for is very low and is only to cover the cost of the container and the hay for the donkeys. On an average we ask for 80-100 TL for one litre. For a person suffering from asthma, it is sufficient to take a cupful of donkey’s milk per day; therefore one or two litres of donkey’s milk would be sufficient.”

There seem to be some unknown facts and precious information flowing in this thread. Probably it will motivate someone to start a donkey breeding farm.  :smiley:

Resp AKS sir,  Up to my knowledge, Hybrid Pig farming and Donkey farming are undoubtedly profitable.

We, farmer friends, generally feel little uncomfortable to do farming of these animals.

Mostly, in tribal areas,  hilly/hillock areas,  requires the donkeys for transportation purposes. As said earlier, its meat is eaten by certain sector people only.

All the best to you.  g.p.rao,  farmer