I wish to do poultry

i wish to do poultry, pl suggest how to do on planning/execution/capital ?/profits etc.

ashik mansuri

broiler chicken farming:

You can go for contract farming. companies like vencob, suguna… suply 1 day old chicks+medicine+food. You have to look after for 45 days. They pay 4/- Kg.  i.e if the chick gets 2 Kg. you will get 8 /-. You need 3000 chicks to get a decent income. Electricity and water is your. You can sell menure at 5000/- tractor load.

If you get into chicken raring on your own, you will have to involve in marketing also.

Finance: You can get loan from any nationalised bank for shed constuction.

Thank you sir.

Also want know on below:

  1. Is insurance covering facility avail for shed, equipments or farm investments by company if tie up with them (Suguna etc)?
  2. How to get loan from facility and which banks, Is any subsidized loan facility frm state Agriculture deptt. or banks?
  3. Appreciate your cooperation - if possible you can pl provide any ducumenations or guidelines for site selection & sizing, water selection, Shed constructions tips, equipments selection, cost effective solutions, best practices etc. 


Ashik Mansuri

I suggest you to go for a leased shed instead of constructing new one. Once you know in and out of the business you can on your own.
If you choose old shed you have to disinfect it twice before starting.
There is no subsidy for shed construction as of now.

Thanks Sri2012 for sharing such a useful info .
I would also like to know - How to contact these companies ex.vencob/ Suguna .  Do these companies sell us the chicks ?? if yes , then at what rates approx. they sell it ??

Can you suggest any contact from where we can reach out to these companies .

How much do we need to have cash in hand (excluding land and shed) for starting this business for 3000 chicks ?

You dont have to buy, they give chicks, food,medicine all for free. They will pay cost of 4/- kg. This works like a nursing home. You will look after them only for 45 days.

If you are not working for feeding the chicks you have to hire a labour.(+ electricity and water, I assume this is basic need)
Initially chicks get cold so you need some lamps or coal based room heater.
You will have to buy feeders 1 feeder for 25 chicks. you need 120
You have to buy rice husk to spread on the floor.

Thank you for this Info .

What according to you - for this investment , how much percentage profit can I get for 10000 chicks shed ??

Feeders will cost 250rs-500 (depending upon quality). You can decrease this upto each for 50 chicks
Drinkers will cost 400rs-600(1 for 70 chicks)
There are separate sets of drinkers and feeders for infants (less than 10 days) you can get it fabricated to make it economical.

Brood box also have to be fabricated(oil can/tin can be used)

My collegue has a project report of same scale (he has started this month). He says it takes 5 years to break even. He is availing 10 lac loan.
All the above information are from him.

Sri bhavu,
Nice to read u r posts.
Suppose we do our own Broiler farm with 5k chiks or so, how about the market after 45 days ? We have to find some mid-man or ?



Yes. Most farmers depend on middlemen. if it is contract then institutinal buyers buy them.

can you please give me contact info of your collegue who have started it.
any mobile number or mail id will be good.
as i am planning to buy a land and start it.