I want to start dairy farming suggest me

i want start a business. i choseen dairy.

according to my location which buffelo or anyother i would like to select.(based on whether)
i want start with 5 animals.
how much profit can i excepect for one month/year (with 5 animals)
what is the estimation cost for my project.
i am approching bank for a loan of 500000rs from SBI my margin is  120000 rs.
(i have land only.)

[size=140][font=arial][size=140][font=arial black]Dear Shankar

You can start  a dairy farm  either with buffalo or cow. Government subsidy is available under DEDS  for  establishment of small dairy units with  graded buffaloes upto 10 animals  or crossbred cows/ indigenous descript milch cows like Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Gir, Rathi etc. Margin money is only 10% of project cost. You should  apply through state animal husbandry department . Contact concerned veterinary officer of your block for the purpose. To know more about  DEDS scheme, profit & other details you can visit my website www.odishavet.com  DR.A.K.KAR[/font][/size][/font][/size]

Dear Shankar

You can start  a dairy farm  either with buffalo or cow. Government subsidy is also available.it is beter to start a small dairy units with  graded buffaloes upto 5 animals. further details you can check with given link. wish you all the best.



You can avail of Mini Dairy Scheme of 05 animals under RKVY scheme through Animal Husbandry department of ANDHRA PRADESH.You may approach your Mandal Doctor or JD/AD of your District.Under this scheme you have to invest Rs150000/ and you will be entitled to Rs 50000/.I would recommend you to go in for Murrah Buffaloes for long term benefit or good quality crossbred cows giving milk up to 20 ltrs or go in for heifers pregnant/non pregnant.

Dear Shankar,

For 10 dairy animal project cost will be about Rs.6-7 Lacs. depending up on the infrastructure available & required for the project.  The land requirement for fodder cultivation & sheds etc. will be about One Hectare.

Other details about dairy farming is given on my website - http://livestock-poultry-financing.blogspot.com/.