I Need guidence to start small dairy farm in west godavari a.p

this is venkatarmana komati. i want to start a dairy farm in west godavari dist  andhra pradesh.
dairy size is 8 to 10 buffalo’s.
please help me to start a dairy farm
my contact no is 09908806000

Dear Venkat,

There was surplus milk Production. Please check with your local milk collection centre. If there still two days holiday for milk collection. Then it is not right time to start dairy

OR you will have sell milk to Khova making centre or ice creeam factory in your area.

What are the other information you want please post your questions.

Hi Venkat,
Even though their is surplus milk production of HF & Jersey, There is good demand for buffalo milk which can sell with premium price.
You need to dedicate & serve them scientifically to get profit & good yield from them. You can start your own venture to sell exclusive buffalo milk which has high demand in towns and cities.

hi to all,
thanks for your reply for my previous post.
in my west godavari area, still have milk demand.
i would like to start small farm with 6 to 8 buffalo’s.

  1. i need information regarding government subsidy (like nabard).
  2. where to purchage best quality murrah buffalo’s
  3. buffalo feeding
    please give me suggestion on this.
    this is my personal request to everyone who has helping nature.
    my contact no is 09908806000.
    thank for your support

You can try to get more information on Pasu Kranti scheme offered by AP Husbandary dept… they offer 2  buffaloes for each person with direct 50% subsidy with additional free equipment like chauff cutter, silage pit and etc. There are also other schemes offered by Nabard through PSU banks (starting from 2 to 24 lakhs)… but these schemes take lot of time to materialize…

For Pasu Kranti scheme contact your mandal AP Husbanday/Veternity dept… and for Nabard contact SBI in your village

Murrah buffaloes can be brought from Rothak/Karnal/Jind ( Cost 65K to 85K per buffalo, 10/12 lts/day) from Haryana and Punjab… CB Buffaloes can be brought locally also (35K to 45K per buffalo 9/10 lts/day)…

I suggest first you try with local CB buffaloes and if success they you can buy murrah buffaloes from above states in your next batch (6 - 8 months after your first purchase)

For buffalo feeding: they should be fed with 10% of their body weight. Suppose if a buffalo is of 500Kg them they should be fed with 50Kg of feed (40Kg green fodder+ 10Kg dry fodder) in addition to this you should feed 500 grams of concentrate for each ltr of milk produced by buffalo, if 10 lts /day then 5 Kg concentrate.

For gren fodder you can grow C04/C03/APPN/Jowar/maize, for dry fodder you can either dry the green fodder or use rice/wheat straws these increase the fat content of the milk. You need at least 1 acre or more land for fodder cultivation.

I checked with our local diary on excess milk production, and they confirmed that there is excess production but there is no 1-2 day collection holiday as such currently.