I have a 100 Acres Farm oppurtunity near Chennai! Need help!

Hi all,

I am 27 and have been looking to get into farming since college. I have identified a 100 acre property which the owner is ready to lease for Rs.5000/acre/year for upto 5 years. The land is even, fertile and is surrounded by lotus ponds/lake. the land requires clearing of shrubs to some extent. There is a borewell for groundwater a diesel operated engine to pump water from the pump.

I can have access to labour from nearby villages @ Rs.120/4hour shift. I can also arrange for full time live-in labours @ Rs.7000/month/couple. I am not sure if this is economical though.

My father has experience in conventional farming but not to the extent of 100 acres. We also own a tractor with a plough and a trailer. And I can arrange for an investment of Rs.5 lakhs from my savings.

I am seeking your help to plan and utilize the resources to the fullest. Also, Advise on subsidies/loans and procedures.

A few specific questions:

  1. Since Koyambedu vegetable/fruits market is nearby, should I consider growing vegetables/fruits like melons?
  2. how should I divide the land? like making irrigation canals.
  3. will drip irrigation be advised?
  4. how do I start off from here?
  5. will the climate in Chennai help at all? with increasingly hot summers and cold winters?
  6. I can get a job abroad with a monthly savings of Rs. 1 lakh. However, I love to do this. Am I on the right path?

Any advice on this matter is appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance. this means a lot to me.

Thanks in advance

What water facility you have? borewell only? well?

Total how many motors?

What type of soil? Red? black?

Conventionally what is cultivated in surrounding?

Already drip installed (partial or not at all)?

What is being cultivated at the moment? how the water requirements are met at the moment?

We can discuss further if above is answered with relevant to my experience


Thanks for the reply. I have posted my comments [color=red]inline.[/color]

What water facility you have? borewell only? well?
[color=red]Like I said, there are water bodies around the land and water can be drawn from these using diesel pumps. Also, there is a 4.5 inches bore existing. Additional bores can also be dug. Looks like there’s good water at 120 feet. There are no wells.[/color]

Total how many motors?
[color=red]One motor for the bore and one diesel pump for pumping water from the lake.[/color]

What type of soil? Red? black?
[color=red]Alluvial soil. Yet to do a soil test however.[/color]

Conventionally what is cultivated in surrounding?
[color=red]Now, paddy, groundnuts, banana, watermelon, green gram, seasame, chillis, okra, brinjal etc are cultivated.[/color]

Already drip installed (partial or not at all)?
[color=red]Not at all[/color]

What is being cultivated at the moment? how the water requirements are met at the moment?
[color=red]The land has been left barren for the past 6 years. it was being cultivated earlier and has had good results.[/color]

We can discuss further if above is answered with relevant to my experience

Definately drip needed.
It can be used moulded for any crop. Elecricity supply issue can be over come to some extend and water conseravation also.

Long term option for you so include withstand costs while making budget.

Early result and long term plants (example paddy and Mango) can be planned to keep going


Like is said in my original post, I can have this land on lease for only 5 years. Please advise accordingly!

Kartek Brother

I could recommend paddy for kharif

And sesame for rabi

Considering my relevant experience

Having said that…

“Do not compare 2 different things”

Do not compare agri with your current job etc

Agriculture is different field

It is “wet” field

Personal advice
If you are doing yourself then short term may be ok

Otherwise by having filed workers
Shortterm May be compromised rewarding

Do you mean 5 lakh investment for whole land?

Are you going to stay and work on the land or you are abroad or going abroad?

Even for a single year, you have to shell out Rs.5,00,000/year. Is this given by the end of the year or partial payments throughout the year.  If it is end of the year, it is good as this money can be utilized.  By the end of the year,  you would have made some money (hopefully) otherwise you need huge capital to even start.

Note:Having said that, it is cheap (only 5000/acre/year is damn cheap)

My advice is to make the owner as (non-working) partner instead of taking the land in lease mode.  This way you can get more capital and you are not burdened to the full extent.

Drip Irrigation costs anywhere from 50,000/- per acre.  So don’t get into this mode unless you have a long term commitment to this land.

If you are going to grow field crops you need to have labour but mechanization in paddy helps to a great extent.

The land has been left barren for 6 years means, you need to plough completely to respond now.

There are too many things in this to discuss.

You are taking a very important decision in your life in this.  What will you do after 5 years?  If it is successful or not so success?

You can get in touch with me as I am in Chennai as well if you decide on something.

Hi karthyk,
    I will suggest please think twice before going for 100 acre land, infrastructure development is very much expensive .
Just imagine , managing EB, drip, motors, government permission for using water, also with diesel pumps you will spend good on diesel .

Also please have rough estimate for 10 acres first, considering just a single crop and then consider further .
Being a leased land you will have restrictions on infrastructure development .

As padmanabhanji mentioned , there are really too many things to be considered here .
100 acre is real big parcel to manage .

Thanks & Regards,

Thank you  Karthyk Bhayya .

You cannot go for Vegetable,Fruit Gardens etc. But we will suggest you a GOOD Plantation without much effort. Kindy contact on Mial vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com and  call 09133498366 Satyanarayana .

Hai Karthik ,

I personaly feel you are taking a lot of risk better try a plot of 10 acres and then latter you can try for the oppertunity you have got. Please don’t mistake me , you can buy some land for the investment you are about to make in that 100 acres of land, so that you can do with infrastructure parmanently.