I am new to farming and want to start dairy farming and goat farming

Hi All,
          I am working in IT company (Pune) Maharashtra. I want to start my business as a dairy farming and goat farming asap.

Actually my dream was to have my own business rather than doing JOB anywhere. Even now i am getting good salary, but not happy what i am doing currently in IT company. So Planning to start with dairy farming and goat farming. I have only 1 acer farm near sangli district.
Can you please tell me from where i can buy cow and goat?
How much money i need?
How much more farm i need to buy?
My aim is to give job to people who are looking and they need it.
Basically i want to create JOB and give to people.
I want to do best or nothing.
Quality is the main things, no comprimise.

Your idea of creating ramraj is good but in reality it is different. Very few labours want to upgrade themselves. Govts made them addicted to get free things. If you create jobs they think that you are getting rich. You need good amount of effort to brainwash them.

Now the situation in many places is this: creating job is not enough you have to plead them to take up the job. This may not be the case in all the places but situation is not different in many places.

There is no cheap alcohol available so they demand land lord to buy it for them. Take my case, past 4 months labors are not available(because it is ginger season). If I want I have to provide breakfast+Lunch and booze for them and pay 500rs/day. This costs around 620rs. I can get two engineers(of 1year experience) for this salary.

It is for you to decide how you want to handle the project, if you are PMO certified then don’t try to apply those gyan on dairy. It really don’t work.
You will face obstacles everyday and these obstacles make you adopt ad-hockery.

Ok now to your questions.

with 1 acre you can grow green fodder for 5-7 but barn and store also needs place so consider 4 animals can be accommodated in your case. If you are buying green fodder from other then it is a different issue.  10animal dairy gives you a decent income of aprox 25 to 30K.

Investment for 1 animal is aprox 1.5 lacs( this includes barn construction, milking machine and other basic accessories.)

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I completely agree with Sri. I own a dairy farm with 30+ cattle and it is very difficult to run. one of the key aspect of Dairy is - labor is needed 365 days a year and work has to start early morning (4-5 am). No labor wants to work in these situations.

Dear jadhavamar,

Very good option  It’s a big development & because catteles population were goes negative mode besides if we are working one organisation means getting fixed amount salary only /per month but such a business entirely different incomes are not a fixed one i have already know the advantages and difficulty also so if u interested contact me my mob no 09578710268 for further discussion.



Dear Brother, I am Syed from Ananthapur. It is very good idea to have goat farm and provide jobs to others. Before that I suggest we are having farm in 30 acrs, with very professional and systematic way. And also providing investment opportunities. I am not here to promote or to find investors, I am answering to your question that before going to your own farm, come and invest like 25 gots in our farm which will streth you handsome returns in the same time you will get hands on experience of farming, feeding etcc., Ananthapur is located 180 km from Bangalore. I am working in IT in Dubai as well, but all my team is taking care of our farm. My number dubai ++971 50 5640083.

I’m also looking to start farming (goat, chicken, pond fish) in 20-30 acres land in Krishnagiri. I was thinking to put 12 feet brick wall but reading through few responses, came to know the cost would be above 2 crores. So would probably go with barbed wire for now. I was planning to stay inside and hence thought of brick wall. I wanted to live self sufficient with all crops and farm and also selling eggs and goats and milk. Wanted to give employment to few localities too.

But above all, I’m totally new to this venture that has come to my mind.

hi sir good morning my name is hanamanth rao kumbar, i am completed BE but i m very intrsted in goat farming job if you have any help regard goat farmiming plz inform me

Please send your email on 9420902021

Dear Mr.Syed,

This is Naresh from Anantapur dist, Uravakonda.
Can you please send me your email.id and contact no.

awaiting for your reply