HyVeg Nagin F1 Snake gourd Review

HyVeg Nagin F1 Snake gourd Review https://discuss.farmnest.com/uploads/default/original/2X/3/3be3b55ce788666946683cdc65024f318c364a4e.jpeg
yield 4.0 1 tolerance 4.0 1 price 3.0 1 overall 4.0 1

Seller Description:
Snake gourd HyVeg Nagin Hybrid
Vigorous plants with monoecious flowering habit.
Fruit ready for 1st harvest after 64 days of planting.
Fruits are elongated in shape with white shoulder and base.
Fruits are white in color with green stripes and acute blossom end.
Average fruit dimensions of 85-90 cm length and 4.5 cm diameter weighs approximately 375 grams.

Growing Conditions:

  • Sowing time: July 2022
  • Farm location: Medak, Telangana
  • Cultivation type: Organic

Crop Experience at Our Farms:

Germination was good, crop growth was decent, grew free of pests and diseases.
Long type white/green striped fruit, measured up to 90cm.
Fruit tender and good quality.
Yield seemed good though we did not actually plant in a large area or measure yield.

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Iam interested to know the price
For bulk purchase

The above is our review based on the crop at our farm. Feel free to add reviews on products based on your experience. We bought each 50g pack around Rs. 540.

Hopefully @BigHaat, @Roopadevi , @ShirishaR, @Shruthi.bn, @farmkeyindia can support with current availability and price. You can post in Product Support category and tag them with a “@”.