Hydroponics vs. Traditional Farming?


I read many posts about Hydroponics. However, I still have few unclarities.

  1. When we compare Hydroponics in India with advanced countries in it, do we account the necessity & compulsion of advance countries due to soil, climate, water, sunlight, temperature variations which may not be the issue in our country with trophical climate?

  2. Do we compare price variations of crops in advanced countries with India( after accounting for cost variations)?

  3. Do we account current and future competitions of hydroponic crops with open crops(with and without using advanced culvation practices)  in view of high investment cost is involved in Hydroponic cultivation?

  4. Can hydroponics be a threat to farmers/venders growing/selling vegetables traditionally?

  5. Natural/organic vs. unnatural/inorganic and less/more toxicity(residual effect) is still need a better understanding  because we can not say that the same type hydronomics grown crop also happen nature–in quality & quanity on either side. However, since plants do not need to absorb organic bio-chemical and synthesize by themselves whereas animals do need it, this aspect should also be accounted.

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Actually economy, viabilty and quality of crops by hydronic methed as compared to traditional methods is very necessary. Suppose if for example, a crop’s output is 60 MT per acre per year whereas by traditional method(with advanced cultural practices), it is 20MT per acre per season, still we can get 50-60MT per year in three crops per year. However it can be aurgued that we can not take 3 crops of same vegetable in open fields due to climatic effect. But it canm still be compensated by taking other seasonal crops which can compensate it. Moreover, I think crops cultivated by traditional open field method should be more natural than hydroponically cultivated crops. Since we have tropical climate and water, sunlight,temp. land etc. should not be a problem, we should not be having any compulsion to grow crops under controlled climate–green house. It is different issue that if we want to grow that crop which we need and which can not be cultivated otherwise than under controlled climate green house. Hence factors existing in advanced countries and in our countries should first compared and evaluated before taking quick decision involving huge expenses.

one way of fooling the people is to confuse them. then make them to succumb through various other means. hydroponics is also such one.
with so much of natural facilities why do we need hydroponics. the problem with us is we are very very lazy. if we shun our laziness and ego, and work properly in the fields our own traditional agriculture will suffice.


Yes, Hydroponics should need to be proved under Indian environment. One can take but at his risk. Natural or unnatural is another issue because I think this type of practice is not commonly happen in nature.

Hi All,

I think the fertigation used in drip irrigation is something similar to Hydroponics !!

Here instead of coco peat etc, we have soil. All all the nutrients dissolved in water and given thru drip. You only dont have a poly house here.

OR can the nutrient used in hydroponics can be fed to plants in normal farm. Double benifit of both farming and Hydroponics strong nutrients.  ;D  ;D  ;D Sure way to spoil the soil double whammy.

Any idea what is being done for the “strong chemical concoction water” used in hydroponics, discharged to drainage ??  :astonished:  :astonished:  I am told the chemicals used in hydroponics is almost 99 % pure  :astonished:  :astonished:


Murali KG

Yes we need to better understand econimic and quality of crops grown with traditional style but by using better cutural practices before taking projects involving hude initial and recurring money. It should not be necessary that whatever suitable in other advanced and needy countries can also be similarily suitable in India.

Can we say that hydroponics is feeding plants the way we would try to feed our body with only and exactly what we need to grow. Can we make our daily diet as 100gms protein to eat, xyz carbohydrates, xyz calcium, etc.etc?
Maybe I would not mind to go for hydroponics in flower cultivation but not for vegetables and fruit we are going to consume. I am sure these processes leave some or the other trait in the plant which might not be consumable in actual. Mother nature knows the best and we humans just know how to screw things. I have learned from some institute that the nutrients any specie need in their body like calcium, iron, protein, vitamins, etc. are supplied to us by what we eat. All these elements are present in the earths soil and plants have the capacity and authority to suck these elements in them and provide it to us.

hi all. Happy Newyear
,can anyone  suggest that the hyroponics system can be suitable for rose or tulip or anyother flowers? in an area where the temperature at summer reaches to 40-42 deg c & in winter the temper would be 18-25 deg c. please give me your valuable comments and share expereinces if anyone have.