Hydroponics - Vertical tower Gardening (Aeroponics)

Hi All,

I am a farming enthusiast.

I have been reading extensively on hydroponics type of farming. (especially Vertical tower gardening technique).

From the research and study i have been doing, i have narrowed down on Vertical tower concept of gardening inside Polyhouse using Hydroponics (As i have limitation of space).

Few Questions Vertical gardening concept using hydroponic techniques:

  1. Is it really a viable solution in Tamil Nadu (Chennai)?
  2. Why many have not adopted this vertical concept of gardening in india unlike in other countries like USA?
  3. Can i really take this up commercially?
  4. Is there any place near Chennai where this is already been established by someone?
  5. What are the real cons in this type of farming techniques?
  6. Is this type of farming technique suitable for Chennai climatic conditions?

Experts really need your advice and suggestion on this front. would really mean a lot to me.

Hope to meet many with like minded thoughts and questions in this forum.


DeaDear Sri Senthilprakash,                              hydroponics farming is like a walk on the wall edge. If you skid you will fell down. There is no buffer. You have to provide what it needs, not more nor less. It should be done under the guidance of expert only.        In soil, you can do ,with or without experts guidance. More or less, you will get the crop. Soil is having buffering qualities.                      Production cost is more in hydroponics. Quality of produce is very good and production also is 10 fold. But in India sale price is almost same for average quality, good quality and best quality, unlike in USA. Open, in soil grown tomato is ,1$ per lb, green house grown tomato will be 3$, and hydroponically grown tomato can be sold for 3 or more $'s, as they have more purchasing capacity and interest in quality.                      Vertical farming ( Aeroponics ) of potato is in progress in chickaballpur town, which is near Bengaluru,(50 kms ), Karnataka state, Horticulture Dept. On request they may allow you. Pl visit.

I completely agree with GP Rao, hydroponics needs lot of monitoring and quick actions. but the benifits are you can work full time and do your cultivation simultaneously… if you have enough funds to invest on complex systems.

I have been researching on this for over a year now and I think that balancing the PH is the key factor, but if you can invest automatic systems which will give you an alert if the PH fluctuates and also tell what quantity of what to be added to re-balance it, then it will work for sure.

Like Mr Rao has mentioned, there is not enough people to guide the newbies who are willing to venture into this technology. I say… take it up small scale, learn it, expand it… teach others to do it  :sunglasses:

Do not forget to explore aquaponics… there is a training institute which trains and helps in setting up too… please search ‘nanniode aquaponics’ you should get some good results. 

Good luck, keep us posted.

Dear Sri Nithin,                                                                    Well said. Since one year, I am searching for a consultant, who is practicing in hydroponics. Their first wording starts with purchase of nutrient solutions from them. I am ready to pay their fee for technology, but they are not having interest in it.        I don’t know, why Great indian institutes, concerned universities are silent in this issue.                                          I searched for " nanniodeaquaponics" , but in vain. Pl help all of us in this aspect sir.                                                              With best wishes,    G.p.rao,      Farmer

posting the links for your help team… I always wanted to go there for training, but time has not been favorable to me yet. Good luck team


Address: Nanniode - Kavarthode Rd, Perumatty, Kerala 678534
Phone:04923 232 349

is any one giving training on Hydroponics in and around Mumbai