Hydroponics - Nutrient Solution

I have read couple of books on Hydroponics and plan to take up pilot test of Hydroponics by growing plants like Coriander, Feenugreek & Tomatoes. I have got a formula from one of the books I’ve read and its as below.

I wish to know if its the right formula to grow the above plants indoor? At the bottom of the below graphic you shall find a table of Trace Elements/Micro Nutrients that are to be added in Chelated form. Can someone please explain what exactly should be added. Are all of those available in combination with EDTA like FeEDTA?

I’ve understood that I need to buy a PH Meter, a room thermometer & a thermometer to check the temperature of the nutrient solution. Do I need anything else?

One thing I am yet to understand is what should I do if say I find the the PH of my nutrient solution has gone below 6 or gone higher than 7? Add which of the following chemicals to bring the PH back to normal.

I also wish to know what type of lighting & how much duration is suitable for these plants.

If you can organize your questions I can help

Dear Mr.,

Actually many times i have seen your trouble. No support .Biofarms ready to assist you

Chelating  agents EDTA or any forget all.  while preparing nutient solid mix  add FULVIC ACID 1 kg +

Humic  acid 1kg in  50- 100 kg  fertilizer mix. Incrasing pH add  sodium hydroxide/ Potassium

hydroxide solution. I don’t like to say strength .( Refer plant tissue culture media preperation), there

you can  find the solution. if you find problems contact me.

Secondly  pH meter, HANNA pen type meters are available  its cost is around Rs.1200-1500/ piece

Also buy  temperature and humidity meter  , made in korea /china is readily available in the market

Plse check humidity always there is a relatioship  between  higher relative humidity and

Disease/pest  development. ok

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Good views sir. Also a lot of measuring instruments are on Ebay for < 100$. Besides you have a lot of Water soluble fetrtilisers and bio agents easily available on shelf.

Dear Mr.,

If you need any type of instrument contact me  lux meter, pH moisture meter, soil/water temp. meter

RH meter, Chlorophyll  analyzer, any  BIOFARMS always assist Real farmers/ technologists. Also we

import  and find all technical grade inputs for commercial farming. Don’t purely depend on specific

companies. If something wrong forgive me. Myself is a  Plant  nutrition specialist  and my success in

cardamom is due the same back ground. Ok you are an expert in hydroponiccs, good to go with GAP

(Good Agriculture Practice), Higher production is  must  –  same time care  about health of people,

environment, Love mighty God.

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Did some snooping around  ;D

Saw rapitest kits on ebay < 20$ try them, We’ve used them in Africa works great

Dont buy multi test kits they spoil easily, use individual test kits

Dear Prasham,

Are you from gujarat ? My father in law is in Amerli, Dhari. If you are having any good  Agri. projects

I am really happy to visit  the farm.


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@ Hydrogyan: I am a complete newbie for any kind of farming. Currently I am running a manufacturing unit and I wish to expand/divert to other businesses and this is the one I am keenly interested in.

Due to the above reason you might have found some of my queries confusing/amusing but I request you to answer to my post as it is.

You mean to say I should add Fulvic Acid & Humic Acid instead of Micro-nutrients?

Regarding equipments, I’ve found some cheaper versions on ebay and elsewhere. So that is not a problem any more.

Dear Prasham,

Both the inputs are powerful chelating agents , It is having  good nutritional  value .But not in toxic

levels.  Not replace micronutrients.
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… I was thinking that why the heck do I need to find formula when we have Hydrogyan here.

@ Hydrogyan: Can you please provide a good nutrient formula from your extensive experience that I can use. I understand that the formula would vary with the crop but I would be really helpful if you can give a good formula for any of the vegetative plants that are grown in India.

Dear Prashan,

Plse do one thing  find the leaf analysis of particular  crop you select, then the fertlizer

recommendation of  that  specific crop. With that can make nutrient formula. While growing we

can find visual symptoms. We can correct it and formulate  own. The ill fate of agriculture is

is due to the selfish nature of public. You Biofarms always open to help others. Definitly i can assist

because I took many challenging projects, never tasted failure. Now I am working low cost

portable hydroponics system in my farm. Want Practical views, not make the subject lengthy and

lengthy last the result is big ZERO.  Really I am not happy with some the members.Daily I am

attending more than 50-100  farmers /day without any fee. Anyway don’t worry Biofarms -never

think about fees, It is the R & D Division of my own  business Group. For any input enquiry  for

HYDROPONICS, Contact me. We have Phosphoric acid from ISRAEL, Boric Acid-Turkey, SEA weed

Extract FROM  INDIA< CHINA, And best quality Inorganic Salts  from Exporters etc…

Any doubts contact me
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