Hydroponics in a small shade net on Terrace

Sharing some of the pics, small shade net on terrace. Used different hydroponics methods.

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I am interested in this kind of farm practices. Please share more information… as, what kind of fruits, vegetables or crops can be obtained?
what is the minimum space required? and what is the total cost?
Thanking you


I have tried this on terrace, there is no limitation of space for this. All you need to do is work on what your budget is and what returns you expect and then decide if this works for you.

Vertical has worked on the numbers for such farming in detail, here is the link to his post.

farmnest.com/forum/new-trends-in … y-project/

Thank you for the reply, I am looking this kind of project for my interest in agriculture. returns are not important. but there should be some income so as to keep a long term interest. You can also contact me on my cell 9423091000.

It would be better if I can get some assistance to grow flowers and fruits as well.

sir i am also trying some hydroponics on my terrace.i find those blue cans a little difficult to undersatnd.what type of hydropnics r they.what grow medium u use.can u post some photographs of the interiors also.i want to try them .right now i grow in thermocool containers in cocopeat . i have bitterguord,snakeguord,and tomato just 3 weeks old.


The blue cans are filled with the nutrient solution and the plant is left to grow out of it. There is no watering needed everyday, the plant takes the nutrient from it and keeps using it for its need, once the nutrient or water get over the plant dies, so you need to use a container based in the plants life cycle. This method ensures you don’t need to worry about watering ever. Also this is a passive hydrponic system that does not need electricity or pumps to pump water.

A plant like cucumber with proper pruning will take about 75 - 100 ltrs of water in its lifecycle and that is the size of drum you need.

Hi, i thought one needed to pump the water to ensure aeration? Isnt that required?

No, that’s not needed. The water is still. No Air no pump fill it and forget it, till you want to replace the plant with a new one.


Please help me to get started with this project.

I am in AKOLA, M.S. please provide me with your contact details Mail ID or Phone no.

I am interested in 9427171500